Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shoes.Of.The.Day: Fur

Oh winter, how I love you. The freezing weather, the snow up to our ears & the multitude of layers one must wear to feel some kind of warmth & relief, joy! Did I say I love winter? Back in the day, fur was used to battle the cold climates by our ancestors. Now these days, fur has become an 'it' item on every catwalks of the world, used on clothes, as trims, in accessories, etc. With that being said, fur is probably the most rebellious and controversial fabric used in fashion today as your either for or against the use of it. Activists and animal cruelty advocates like Peta and other organization are often seen protesting and condemning the use of fur. However, my post is not to condemn the use of fur nor be to be pro-fur. I leave this to the consumer and his choice to chose to wear it or not. My post is mostly to show the beautiful things that are created by designers out there with such a fabric or the look of fur by using faux fur. Please, no hate! ;)



: Irregular Choice
What: Fur trimmed ankle boots
: Love this pair of Irregular Choice boots with fur trimming. The use of earth tone colors work and the heel isn't too high, yet still sexy enough. Love the play on colors and fabrics with a dark chocolate brown in nubuck & a beige hair-like fabric which make the boot funky. The toggle-like hardware give the style some military touch without being so suggestive. Definitely swoon worthy!
How Much
: £120 (approximately $195 Cnd)


Who: DSquared2
What: Pony fur ankle moccasins

: Love everything about these moccasins. The color, the shape, the details, all superb. Just awesome. i also love the toggle-like shoe lace detail giving it a rougher edge than the traditional moccasin. The mix of deep chocolate brown leather trim and the grayish fur is beautiful. Beautiful pair of shoes.

How Much:
$1175 Cnd (

Whether your pro or anti-fur, its hard to deny the beauty of the above shoes. What do you think?


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