Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shoes.Of.The.Day: Christian.Louboutin.Edition

Today's Shoes.Of.The.Day segment is dedicated to the new reference for shoes in today's fashion conscious society: Christian Louboutin. When the idolized and beloved Carrie Bradshaw trumps her Manolo's for the new Louboutin's, its hard to argue with his now iconic status. The french designer has created an empire with sky-high heels, fairly simple yet constructed designs, over-the-top detailing and the recognizable-from-a-mile-away now-famous red sole. Every star and starlet has worn a pair and every woman I know has lusted or wants to own a Christian Louboutin pair of shoe. Here's are few reasons why...


(Christian.Louboutin.Spring.2011: $895/$775/$$)

(Christian.Louboutin.Spring.2011: $1665/$1095/$$)

And, yes guys, the designer started catering to the men clientele. However, for now, the collection for men is pretty small, pricey, extremely out there and loud and the products are more statement-like shoes than anything else. The collection will eventually evolve into a fuller, broader collection as well. See below some examples of the collection for us guys...


(Christian.Louboutin.Spring.2011.&.Fall.2010: $1195/$625/$$)

For more information on Christian Louboutin, visit his website @



Wednesday, December 15, 2010




Who: Alexander Wang
What: Peep-toe leather boots with 3 straps.
Why: Everything works here; from the lizard effect on the leather to the leather rib and Velcro straps making this pair modern, edgy and fun. The "it" designer can do no wrong so far. This is how we make a style statement! Yes ladies, you can swoon.
How Much: $685 Cnd (@ net-a-porter)


Who: Zara
What: Buckskin leather ankle boots.

Why: Love everything about these boots. The color is stunning, the ankle strap adds a bit of toughness and the rounded pointy toe is right on point. Perfect with a nice pair of straight leg (or tapered) jeans on a night out. Hot boot, at a very low price. WANT!!! Its just sad that they will get ruined by our crazy Montreal winter.
How Much:
$129 Cnd


Friday, December 10, 2010


Today's edition of Shoes.Of.The.Day will feature the "classic" staple shoe for each sex; the pump for the ladies and the classic lace-up for the guys. A lot of people are too content on following the fashion rules and never think outside of the box. However, "Classic" does not have to be boring and one-dimensional. There are many great options out there for everyone who are looking for a fresh new twist on the classics. Here are my suggestions.


Who: Charlotte Olympia
What: Leather platform pumps with back ruffled detail.
Why: Stunning work of precised design execution with the right details, shape and perfect amount of femininity. How to make a classic pump into something beautiful. Definitely Swoon material.

How Much: $840 Us (



Who: Ted Baker
What: Leather classic brogue style shoe with high shine finish.
Why: Again, another stunning work of precised design execution with the right details and the perfect pointed toe shape (not too pointy, more rounded). The low profile heel in a different color makes this classic lace-up multi-functional as it can be worn with a suit for a more proper look or paired down with jeans for a night out. Love it!
How Much: $150 Us (



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter.Fashion.For.Men: Boots

Unfortunately for us, (well at least for me) its that time of the year again; the time where our city streets are invaded by mother nature's wrath. Yes, tons and tons of winter white snow falling on us, making most of our lives miserable (hey, even the die-hard winter lovers hate the slushy, icy streets of Montreal in winter). Therefore it is time to bring out the artillery; chunky scarves, knitted gloves and beanies, big warm coats and our dreaded stocky winter boots.

But in today's fashion, designers think of us poor style-conscious lovers who dread walking a mile in ugly footwear. Therefore, today's selection of winter boots are both practical and stylish. No more reason for those hideous snow boots of the past.

Here are some of my top Men's winter footwear must haves.



High quality, waterproof boots that are resistant to the grueling winters are not cheap but merit the price. You'll be happy wearing them next time you’re shoveling your driveway or walking a slippery Montreal sidewalk.



Tuesday, December 7, 2010


In light of these past few days first few snow fall of 2010, today's Shoes.Of.The.Day is influenced by our great weather.



Who: Alexander McQueen
What: Leather open-toe ankle booties with shearling lining.
Why: Yes, they are open toe, yes they've been done in previous seasons by McQueen, and yes many other brands have since then created or copied similar versions. And? Only the master can make a past style look fresh and new with the addition of shearling lining. By doing so, McQueen made previous buyers of this style lust for its new version. Genius!
How Much: £695 (approximately $1,100 Us



Who: Ralph Lauren
What: Leather and wool plaid boots.
Why: This pair of boot is perfect for our long winters. The combination of rugged leather and signature wool plaid Ralph Lauren pattern give this boot an edge and differentiates it from all the other waterproof/winter boots out there. NEED those now!
How Much: $750 Us

With a long winter ahead, why not do it in style!


Monday, December 6, 2010




Who: Nicholas Kirkwood
What: Leather & suede shoe boot with laminated effect
Why: All of Kirkwood's creations are simply stunning work of art, with great architectural precision and lines. I love the beautiful details and play with different textures and effect with this particular pair. The shoe boot is everywhere and the metal spiked-heel is on trend. Love it.
How Much: $572 Us (



Who: Irregular Choice
What: Leather & fabric booties with flower print
Why: This funky pair of boots from irregular choice is so fresh, so different, and yet so stylish! The designs from this great Uk brand are always fun and quirky yet avant-garde and fashionable. Must have them!
How Much: £89.50 (approximately $150 Us)


Sunday, December 5, 2010


Shoes.Of.The.Day is a new daily segment on The.Shoe.Freak. As my blog name clearly says it, I'm a Shoeaholic. Everyone in my circle knows this. I believe that an outfit can be Yay or Nay just by what the person decides to wear on his/her feet. Shoes are therefore very important to me. Yes, I own a lot of them, I don't deny it. However, I give a lot of them away every year, makes me feel less guilty to know I'm helping out! Hey, whatever rocks your boat I say!

I will show a picture of a pair of shoe (shoes, boots, and anything in between) for men and for ladies that I think are hot. I will also give a short description of the item, by which designer, brand or shop, the price if available and why I like them.

So here goes my first segment! Hope you enjoy it and leave comments.
Drum roll please...



: Burberry Prorsum
What: Leather ankle boots with shearling lining, multiple buckles and rubber sole.
Why: How hot are these boots? A little bit fly, a little bit ghetto, a little bit high(little??) and much attitude. These rock "n" roll boots are completely in trend with the aviation&military theme which was everywhere this season. Leave it to Burberry to out-do everyone in this category. Swoon ladies, Swoon.
How Much: $995 Us



Who: Burberry Prorsum
What: Leather boots with shearling lining.
Why: The Male version. How hot are these boots? A little bit rough, a little bit though, and a whole lot of attitude. Perfect for the winter blues, just a great pair of boot all around. I'm definitely drooling. WANT!
How Much: $795 Us

Pricey, but oh so worth it.



Saturday, December 4, 2010

Events.To.Support: *Smart.Design.Mart

The second edition of *Smart Design Mart is taking place this weekend in Montreal. *Smart Design Mart is a modern design market open to the public, displaying a mix of emerging talents and seasoned creators in the design field-from clothing to furniture, art and jewelery and much more.

Take a look at their official posters below for more information:

(*Smart.Design.Mart.Poster @ Smart.Design.Mart)

Here's a small excerpt taken from their official facebook page describing the event:
"Set in the industrial setting of a 20 000 square foot garment industry loft (now empty) each designer and artist has been hand picked by the smart design mart curators and has been asked to create a mini boutique within the space. Aisles will be roomy, food and drink will be served and music will be drifting, creating the perfect exciting yet comfortable shopping event. Montreal’s own EN MASSE ( art collective has been invited to create a live art installation, giving shoppers a moment to recharge, have a drink and enjoy the art."

Its a great way to promote local talents and for the public to get to know and support them. Right in time for Christmas, this is a great way to shop and get cool gifts while supporting our emerging design field without the hassle of the typical hectic Christmas mall shoppers.

160 st. viateur east, 2nd floor @ casgrain
: Saturday, December 4th : 11:00 am-6.00 pm & Sunday, December 5th, : 11:00 am-6.00 pm

For more information, you can follow them on facebook-Smart Design Mart or visit them at

Go check them out and shop & support!



Friday, December 3, 2010


This week in the Montreal Fashion circle, we heard some really unfortunate news on one of the great Canadian designers out there. It has been reported that Andy Thê-Anh is closing shops after his financial backers decided to end their support for his line due to a big decrease in their sales figures. According to Étienne Lecompte, president of the company, sales for spring 2011 were down 46 per cent compared with last spring. And of course, the recession didn’t help with US sales dropping enormously.

This report surely does not help the already struggling Canadian and Montreal fashion industries/markets or aid in promoting it. When the biggest talents struggle, and have to shut down, the image takes a beating for sure. And, unfortunately, dark days are looming for this unlucky industry as only now the repercussions of the US economical meltdown are starting to bloom.

I'm sure, like others such as Phillipe Dubuc did before him, Andy Thê-Anh will bounce back as he is too talented. For now though, it is a hard pill to swallow.

Here are a few pictures of the Andy Thê-Anh aesthetic-sharp tailoring & glamorous red carpet gowns:


The Canadian high-end designer must liquidate his merchandise. A sale of $2.8 million worth of clothing (to be sold at 70 to 80 per cent off) begins Thursday Dec.2nd at his Andy Thê-Anh Cours Mont Royal store.

Sad news indeed.



Monday, November 29, 2010

Fashion.Retailers.To.Support: SSENSE.COM is a Montreal-based online retailer that specializes in cutting edge fashion, with a vast number of popular higher brands mixed with international designer exclusives for both men and women. What makes them different is their keen eye for good taste, good fashion sense and good styling. Their diverse and great choice of collections vary from the ever-so popular Diesel and G-star (full collections so it seems) to the more avant-garde and luxurious designers such as Rick Owens, Marc Jacobs, Viktor and Rolf and the list goes on and on and on.

See below a few pictures of other international designers they carry and see how wonderful the presentation is:

(Lanvin/ @

This leads me to another amazing facet of the company which is the touch of high-end magazine-like feeling you get when going on their site. Everything is well put together, very clean with incredible editorials each month and season. They sell you the clothes very well and make you want to want it. High praise for that. Everything feels luxurious and it is a great way of differentiating yourself from the ferocious online business competition in today's world.

See below a few shots of their inspiring editorials:

(Before.Sunrise.2010.Editorial @

(October.2010.Editorial @

But, the reason why I like them so much is their ability to also carry and find the brands that the more fashion conscious and savvy customers only might know of. The likes of Shades of Grey, H by Hudson and Rag & Bone to name a few, are unfortunately brands that very few and limited Montreal shops will carry, if carried at all. Montreal fashion tends to follow the crowd and popular demand but many other cool, trendy and comparable price points/affordable brands do exist and its fun to know understands that.

See below a few pictures of other cool brands they carry and the fresh presentation :

(Chronicles.Of.Never/Kidrobot @

And, brace yourselves...they go on crazy sales...not very often (wishful thinking!), but oh so worth it. You can follow them on facebook & twitter to keep yourselves updated on their newest arrivals, newest sales, newest editorials and crazy contests they have.
And take a look at their "profile" section on facebook or "news" section on their website for designer education, information and knowledge.

Yes, its expansive, but yes, its totally worth it., go check them out.



Thursday, November 25, 2010


Guys, I know you hate shopping. I know you'd rather watch a football game, sitting in your lazy-boy, drinking a beer and eating chips. However, in today's world, this won't cut it. You need to make an effort nowadays. Clothes are, for many of us, an effort we do not wish to give time into. However, it doesn't take that much to look "decent".

With the proliferation of fast fashion for the mass in today's fast fashion markets, it is very easy for one to look polished without ruling your line of credit and looking lost and confused doing so.

Here is a short list of Fashion.For.The.Mass stores a guy needs to KNOW and VISIT once in a least 3 times a year...and I'm being generous here.

1-ZARA: The Spanish-owned chain of fast fashion is a MUST for everyone. There, you will find everything from basics to trendy items that will appeal to your senses and won't kill the
budget. It is a real one-stop shop as they have everything from outerwear to shoes, underwear and suits.
**Plus: There's a Zara in every mall so it seems, therefore, very accessible.
**Minus: Size unavailability . A tip I can give is to go at the beginning of the season and not wait until their items go on sale, as one, it is not really worth it to wait for the sales as they are not expansive to begin with. And two, you will definitely find your size at the begin of the season. Also, fits can sometimes be targeted to the the European clientele, therefore it is very important to try the clothes on.

Fall 2010 must haves:

(3-button coat-$269/crossover blazer-$159/knit cardigan-$98)

2-H&M: The Swedish-owned chain of fast fashion is comparable to Zara in many ways as they offer similar products but at a lower price point. Therefore, lower price points also means lower quality. But, it is a place where you will find good items for cheap and you won't feel guilty giving them away after one or two seasons.

**Plus: Like Zara, H&M seems to be in all the malls across the nation!
**Minus: Don't expect to wear the items for the next 10 years. They will break down eventually!

Fall 2010 must haves:

(blazer-$79/sweater with elbow patch-$34/dressy boots-$59)

3-Aldo: The Canadian-owned shoe company is a success story. With lots of variety at good prices, it is really hard not to find a good pair of shoe to compliment your wardrobe at a usually low price point. And guys, shoes ARE important.

**Plus: Like the above stores, Aldo is everywhere. It wouldn't surprise me if they start opening at gas stations eventually.

**Minus: For the shoe connoisseur, the choice can be limited. As well, their insistence on branding their name on everything quiet visibly can be somewhat annoying for some.

Fall 2010 must haves:

(casual boots-$160/dressy boots-$140/classy lace-up-$100)

4-Forever21: The Us-owned chain of fast fashion is predominantly targeted to the young mass, especially the female customer. However, you can find some great add-on pieces to your wardrobe at a very competitive price. It is intended more for the younger crowd, but you will find good pieces there.
**Plus: Their measurements are catered to the North American clientele. This will make you feel good about yourself as you won't need to size up to fit into something!

**Minus: The men section in Montreal is limited, especially when compared to the ladies section. As well, the very competitive pricing do take away a lot from the quality of each item. However, keep in mind that fast fashion usually means a better price for a lesser quality ratio.

Fall 2010 must haves:

(peacoat-$58/1-button v-neck sweater -$32/oxford shirt-$30)

For store location in your area or for more information, visit each store's website as mentioned below. Now guys, go shop!




Dear All,

I took a break, a very long break from my blogging duties to travel the world and see new horizons. I am sorry for the lack of post (almost a year!) but am now back to this blog venture of mine. I will still promote talent from our local and international scene, covering the world of design, fashion and art as this passion as not faltered. So stay tuned, as I am back!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Fashion.For.A.Cause: Maskarade.2010

The 11th Edition of the Maskarade ball, in honour of the Farha foundation, will be held this year at Marché Bonsecours on Thursday, February 18, 2010. The theme this time around is about the future, a future without Aids hopefully.

Presided by Joseph Mimran & Kimberly Newport-Mimran (of Joe Fresh and Pink Tartan fame), this special event will once again be the most glamorous fundraising party in town with local celebrities, ceo's, fashionistas and other local scenesters attending. Sponsors of the event include Joe Fresh, Buonanotte restaurant, Pink Tartan, Bice restaurant, Rogers, Clin d'oeil magazine and many more.

Note that there is a pretty strict dress code as it is a ball! The dress code is as follow:
Gentlemen: evening attire and black mask
Ladies: black, white or red evening attire, white mask or fan

Ticket - $250

It is for a great cause. If you want to attend, visit the following site for more information: or on the Farha Foundation website cited below.

A little bit about the The Farha Foundation

The Farha foundation is Quebec's leading Aids fund raising organization committed to help men, women and children living with HIV and AIDS.The events organized by the Farha Foundation – most notably the AIDS Walk, ÇA MARCHE – also serve to sensitize the population to the AIDS epidemic.
Since its beggining in 1992, the Farha foundation has distributed more than $7 million to 45 Aids organization across quebec.

Visit their website for more pertinent information @


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Photographers.To.Support: Rouge.Photo--Philippe. Ahmarani.Photography

Rouge Photo--Philippe Ahmarani Photography is a Montreal-based photographer who specializes in fashion shots, weddings and major events. His vast variety of work includes fashion shoots for Miss planet beach international, Dom rebel fashion show, Fall09 and Take a bow charity fashion event @ time supperclub, Dec 08. As well, contracts for Crèmerie La Paysanne, Bal en Blanc, and a multitude of shots for trendy restaurants and hot spots in Montreal make up his résumé.

What separates his work from others is his attention to details, lighting and shading. His talent shines through as he captures the essence of each moment. And when you’re passionate about something, it usually shows in your work.

Take a look below at a sample of his diverse and intuitive work:




And below are samples of his own personal shoots. I wanted to add them to demonstrate how talent and passion for the art, which he clearly has, can provoke some sort of reaction and/or emotion, especially when capturing a moment that speaks louder than words.

(samples from his personal shots)

Visit for more of his body of work,

or contact directly: for more information.


Monday, January 4, 2010


Happy New Year to all, may all your dreams come true in 2010.