Monday, November 29, 2010

Fashion.Retailers.To.Support: SSENSE.COM is a Montreal-based online retailer that specializes in cutting edge fashion, with a vast number of popular higher brands mixed with international designer exclusives for both men and women. What makes them different is their keen eye for good taste, good fashion sense and good styling. Their diverse and great choice of collections vary from the ever-so popular Diesel and G-star (full collections so it seems) to the more avant-garde and luxurious designers such as Rick Owens, Marc Jacobs, Viktor and Rolf and the list goes on and on and on.

See below a few pictures of other international designers they carry and see how wonderful the presentation is:

(Lanvin/ @

This leads me to another amazing facet of the company which is the touch of high-end magazine-like feeling you get when going on their site. Everything is well put together, very clean with incredible editorials each month and season. They sell you the clothes very well and make you want to want it. High praise for that. Everything feels luxurious and it is a great way of differentiating yourself from the ferocious online business competition in today's world.

See below a few shots of their inspiring editorials:

(Before.Sunrise.2010.Editorial @

(October.2010.Editorial @

But, the reason why I like them so much is their ability to also carry and find the brands that the more fashion conscious and savvy customers only might know of. The likes of Shades of Grey, H by Hudson and Rag & Bone to name a few, are unfortunately brands that very few and limited Montreal shops will carry, if carried at all. Montreal fashion tends to follow the crowd and popular demand but many other cool, trendy and comparable price points/affordable brands do exist and its fun to know understands that.

See below a few pictures of other cool brands they carry and the fresh presentation :

(Chronicles.Of.Never/Kidrobot @

And, brace yourselves...they go on crazy sales...not very often (wishful thinking!), but oh so worth it. You can follow them on facebook & twitter to keep yourselves updated on their newest arrivals, newest sales, newest editorials and crazy contests they have.
And take a look at their "profile" section on facebook or "news" section on their website for designer education, information and knowledge.

Yes, its expansive, but yes, its totally worth it., go check them out.




  1. This is a great blog posting and very helpful. I really appreciate the research you put into this blog.

  2. Thank you! I wrote this a while back, just before you guys changed your site's features all over again! Lol
    Glad you like it though.