Thursday, November 25, 2010


Guys, I know you hate shopping. I know you'd rather watch a football game, sitting in your lazy-boy, drinking a beer and eating chips. However, in today's world, this won't cut it. You need to make an effort nowadays. Clothes are, for many of us, an effort we do not wish to give time into. However, it doesn't take that much to look "decent".

With the proliferation of fast fashion for the mass in today's fast fashion markets, it is very easy for one to look polished without ruling your line of credit and looking lost and confused doing so.

Here is a short list of Fashion.For.The.Mass stores a guy needs to KNOW and VISIT once in a least 3 times a year...and I'm being generous here.

1-ZARA: The Spanish-owned chain of fast fashion is a MUST for everyone. There, you will find everything from basics to trendy items that will appeal to your senses and won't kill the
budget. It is a real one-stop shop as they have everything from outerwear to shoes, underwear and suits.
**Plus: There's a Zara in every mall so it seems, therefore, very accessible.
**Minus: Size unavailability . A tip I can give is to go at the beginning of the season and not wait until their items go on sale, as one, it is not really worth it to wait for the sales as they are not expansive to begin with. And two, you will definitely find your size at the begin of the season. Also, fits can sometimes be targeted to the the European clientele, therefore it is very important to try the clothes on.

Fall 2010 must haves:

(3-button coat-$269/crossover blazer-$159/knit cardigan-$98)

2-H&M: The Swedish-owned chain of fast fashion is comparable to Zara in many ways as they offer similar products but at a lower price point. Therefore, lower price points also means lower quality. But, it is a place where you will find good items for cheap and you won't feel guilty giving them away after one or two seasons.

**Plus: Like Zara, H&M seems to be in all the malls across the nation!
**Minus: Don't expect to wear the items for the next 10 years. They will break down eventually!

Fall 2010 must haves:

(blazer-$79/sweater with elbow patch-$34/dressy boots-$59)

3-Aldo: The Canadian-owned shoe company is a success story. With lots of variety at good prices, it is really hard not to find a good pair of shoe to compliment your wardrobe at a usually low price point. And guys, shoes ARE important.

**Plus: Like the above stores, Aldo is everywhere. It wouldn't surprise me if they start opening at gas stations eventually.

**Minus: For the shoe connoisseur, the choice can be limited. As well, their insistence on branding their name on everything quiet visibly can be somewhat annoying for some.

Fall 2010 must haves:

(casual boots-$160/dressy boots-$140/classy lace-up-$100)

4-Forever21: The Us-owned chain of fast fashion is predominantly targeted to the young mass, especially the female customer. However, you can find some great add-on pieces to your wardrobe at a very competitive price. It is intended more for the younger crowd, but you will find good pieces there.
**Plus: Their measurements are catered to the North American clientele. This will make you feel good about yourself as you won't need to size up to fit into something!

**Minus: The men section in Montreal is limited, especially when compared to the ladies section. As well, the very competitive pricing do take away a lot from the quality of each item. However, keep in mind that fast fashion usually means a better price for a lesser quality ratio.

Fall 2010 must haves:

(peacoat-$58/1-button v-neck sweater -$32/oxford shirt-$30)

For store location in your area or for more information, visit each store's website as mentioned below. Now guys, go shop!



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