Monday, May 21, 2012


To all my readers,

Year 2012 has started with lots of new challenges and new opportunities for me in my career. My life has been a hectic and somewhat crazy non-stop flurry of workload and travels ever since as I have been living in-and-out of my suitcase for most part of the year so far. Traveling around the globe and being in-between cities, hotel rooms and airports is thrilling but does not allow much time for anything else.

This has led to this complete silence and lack of post on The.Shoe.Freak and I am truly sorry for that, especially since all this traveling and the wonderful projects I have been working on have given me so much material and inspiration to write about.

Soon, many new posts to come on The.Shoe.Freak about the cities I have had the chance to visit and the wonderful fashion I have seen as well as the amazing cultures I've had the incredible fortune to discover.

Stay Tuned!

Thank you all for your continued support.


p.s: the pics below are a foretaste of places and things I have done and seen. Enjoy!


(All.That.Glitters: China.Fabric.Market)