Monday, April 25, 2011

Shoes.Of.The.Day: Stripes

Stripes, stripes, and more stripes, Spring 2011 will be making you see all kinds of lines everywhere. Thick or thin, multiple or singular, vivid colors or the traditional nautical theme, stripes are all the rage. In the footwear industry, designers are using the stripe theme in all kind of wonderful form to create beautiful shoes. The outcome is truly spectacular.

This segment of Shoes.Of.The.Day is all about stripes. See my favorites below.



Who: Tabitha Simmons
: Linen and silk stripped sandals

: How can you not love this pair of stripped sandals. The colors are great; nautical inspired with the navy blue,
bright read and white background. The boot-like effect of the shape is different and the heel is the right balance of slim and sexy. I especially like the detail of the piping in the same shade as the body of the sandal, adding richness to the pair. These shoes already have been seen worn by trendy style setters like Sienna Miller and more. Tabitha Simmons, a name to watch out for in the footwear industry. Swoon worthy.
How Much: $1,140 Us (



Who: Giaco Morelli
: Stripped cotton loafers

Why: Some shoes are instantaneous "I need those right now" hits for me, and this pair of Giaco Morelli striped loafers immediately struck that kind of wishful thinking in me. I love the colors, the thickness and distance of the striped pattern, the rounded toe, the summery brown sole, and i can go on and on! This pair of loafers scream summer, fresh and cool to me. Just perfect, I NEED them in my closet!!!
How Much: $430 Cnd (

Many more stripped my interest as well, more to come in future posts.

Stay tuned!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Bags.Of.The.Day: Colors

Colors! It seems like Colors is the major element in one's closet for this spring. From the color-blocking trend to vivid colors, and all that is in between, fashion has embraced the change from the black austerity of the last few years. And this can truly been seen in the accessories side of the business where the basic blacks and browns have been put aside (but not tossed aside and forgotten) for the wilder hues. I usually like to interpret trends more than copy something straight out of a magazine or trend book as it allows me room to interpretation and individualism. And, I usually don't like to completely lose myself in a trend as this will usually lead to looking more like your trying to hard to be trendy more than anything else. With this being said, here are my choices for the Bag.Of.The.Day, color edition:



: Bally
What: 'Rachele' leather tote
Why: This bag is in my opinion the right way of interpreting the color-block trend that is so predominant this season as the colors used are all subdued, rich, yet classic. You will never get bored of this bag as the creamy light-brown and nude colors mixed with the black are stapled colors in one's closet. I love the shape as it is the right size for any occasion. Beautiful workmanship and barely there yet ultra luxurious details make this bag a complete hit for me. To be honest, the complete Spring 2011 Bally collection is a major hit for me. Definitely my favorite this season. Totally worth checking Bally's website. (
How Much
: $1,395 Us (



: Paul Smith
: "Mini on location" printed canvas Duffle bag with leather trims
: This Duffle bag is so out there and totally out of my comfort zone, yet I find it so appealing and amazingly creative, innovative and cool. The print is so fresh, using the right colors, and the brown leather of the trims is the right color choice to complement the crazy print. Duffle bags are my favorite shapes for men. I find it so interesting that menswear industry has become so open to exploration and is not afraid to remain classic and dull. Love it!!!
How Much:
$540 Cdn (

'till next time.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shoes.Of.The.Day: Espadrilles

Sometimes trends are mentioned or created only because they appeared at 2 or 3 different catwalks in every major fashion weeks worldwide. However, when something appears at 75% of the catwalks, than it is difficult to debate on the validity of something being a trend. This is exactly the case for the 'espadrille' in the footwear industry. If you needed one season to buy an espadrille, than Spring 2011 is the one for you. And oddly enough, they were everywhere in both women and menswear. Guys, if the espadrille isn't your cup of tea, than you will find it difficult not to see an onslaught of them in stores near you!

Here are my favorites this Spring.



Who: Sergio Rossi
: Ankle boot wedges

: I love the play of textures and fabrics in this pair of Sergio Rossi's. The Canvas, Leather and Jute mix work well together and I especially love the colors of Black rich leather, taupish rough looking canvas and feminine natural beige jute. I also love the fact that they are booties, which is something new and fresh on the espadrille take. Gorgeous!

How Much: $595 Cnd (



Who: Silvano Sassetti
: Boat shoe espadrille

Why: This is exactly how to kill two birds with one stone by covering two major trends in one; the boat shoe and the espadrille. I love the rich buttery brown color of the leather, especially mixes with the natural beige of the jute and tone on tone thick stitch. And to incorporate the boat shoe detail is purely genius and give this shoe another dimension. Brilliant, I want!!!!
How Much
: $160 Cnd (

There are many many many more choices out there for us shopaholics. I will do another post on this spring trend as while doing research for this post, found myself loving too many pairs of them. Can't let them go to waste! :)

Stay tuned!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fashion.Events.Montreal: Fab.Femmes

In honor of International Women's Day, fellow fashion bloggers Candice from and Marjorie from created FabFemmes, an unique shopping event mixing fashion, beauty and cocktails in a joyous and celebratory atmosphere.
(the.beautiful.event.founders.&.organizers.Candice.& ( Sébastien.Roy)

The event was held on International Women's Day. I had the honor to be invited and attended this great event in the chic hotel Chez Swann, a new and hip hotel-boutique style in the heart of downtown Montreal.
( ( Sébastien.Roy)

The event, which aimed to honor and pamper all women, had great beauty and style stations set up including beauty tips from Marcelle cosmetics, a nail beauty station by Rouge Nail Bar as well as fashion style tips from Montreal stylist Mélanie Brisson.



( Sébastien.Roy)

Also, women were able to indulge their shopaholic tendencies as shopping stations were set up all over the second floor of the hotel with many categories in one's closet covered; from jewelery to clothing, accessories to footwear and so forth. The event allowed me to discover talents from our Montreal design field as well as veteran brands internationally such as Adriana Handbags (, GlobLOVE lingerie, Hush Puppies footwear (, This Ilk jewelery (, womenswear line Mosaik Montreal (, and MissMak Designs accessories (

( Sébastien.Roy)


( Sébastien.Roy)

I must say that I was quite impressed with This Ilk's beautiful line of wearable all-made-from- lace pieces of jewelery, including unique earrings and statement-like necklaces. The designer-owner of the company, Tamara Bavdek, creates wonders with a difficult fabric. It was a delight meeting her, chatting about her experience as a young entrepreneur and discovering her beautifully crafted pieces. Definitely a must see and discover brand everyone. Check her website out at


(Tamara.Bavdek.founder.&.designer.of.This.Ilk.Jewelery) (

The evening ended with fabulous prizes to be won through a raffle as we were each handed a ticket when we first walked in. Prizes included amazing stuff like an Adriana handbag, a one night stay for two at the Hotel Chez Swann and limitied edition Givenchy perfumes! As we were leaving, we were handed a great goody bag with a beautiful flower, symbolizing the celebration, a thank you for attending & supporting the event.
(my.friend.Marina: winner.of.the.Givenchy.prize)

I must congratulate and thank Candice and Marjorie for their amazing efforts in producing such a beautiful and amazing event. Thank you guys for a lovely evening. -The.Shoe.Freak
(source: FabFemmes/ébastien.Roy)

Monday, April 4, 2011


Exciting news for Aldo fans & shoppers out there. They have teamed up with NYC-based designer Julian Louie for a small capsule collaboration which are creating such a buzz , rightfully so, as the shoes are really great. The tribal inspired print wedges are swoon worthy ladies. I was able to attest to their greatness first hand by a chance encounter with a lady sporting them to an event I attended last week. I was compelled to compliment her and ask her about them and check them out up close and personal. People who know me know it is way out of my character to engage that easily with strangers, not because I am anti-social, but because i am very shy. However, i needed to talk to this beautiful stranger and ask her about her awesome shoes (she was sporting the Sobeslava style).

Check out the pictures of the styles in question above.



The shoes first popped out at the Julian Louie catwalk presentation last season and created such an overwhelming sense of excitement and buzz that Aldo decided to commercialized them, especially due to tweets from power house creative director of Elle magazine Joe Zee, who gushed over the shoes.

At a very affordable $125 (us) price tag, I suspect it will be a very successful venture for Aldo. The collection is out in the Us and soon, in most of the Aldo stores worldwide as well as online. Good luck finding them ladies!

And with the Fall/winter 2011 unveiling of other great collaborations with Canadian designers Greta Constantine and DUY at Toronto fashion week a few days ago, Aldo is on a major roll. Celebrating and promoting talented Canadian designers seems to be a match made in heaven for Aldo.

Check out the above pictures of the Aldo for Greta Constantine and DUY collaborations for Fall/Winter 2011.




Already promoting & associating with the great Denis Gagnon for a couple of seasons already, Aldo has recognized the power of designer partnerships. Good for them, and good for our fashion industry here in Canada. The more visibility it receives, the better our industry will grow and survive.