Monday, April 4, 2011


Exciting news for Aldo fans & shoppers out there. They have teamed up with NYC-based designer Julian Louie for a small capsule collaboration which are creating such a buzz , rightfully so, as the shoes are really great. The tribal inspired print wedges are swoon worthy ladies. I was able to attest to their greatness first hand by a chance encounter with a lady sporting them to an event I attended last week. I was compelled to compliment her and ask her about them and check them out up close and personal. People who know me know it is way out of my character to engage that easily with strangers, not because I am anti-social, but because i am very shy. However, i needed to talk to this beautiful stranger and ask her about her awesome shoes (she was sporting the Sobeslava style).

Check out the pictures of the styles in question above.



The shoes first popped out at the Julian Louie catwalk presentation last season and created such an overwhelming sense of excitement and buzz that Aldo decided to commercialized them, especially due to tweets from power house creative director of Elle magazine Joe Zee, who gushed over the shoes.

At a very affordable $125 (us) price tag, I suspect it will be a very successful venture for Aldo. The collection is out in the Us and soon, in most of the Aldo stores worldwide as well as online. Good luck finding them ladies!

And with the Fall/winter 2011 unveiling of other great collaborations with Canadian designers Greta Constantine and DUY at Toronto fashion week a few days ago, Aldo is on a major roll. Celebrating and promoting talented Canadian designers seems to be a match made in heaven for Aldo.

Check out the above pictures of the Aldo for Greta Constantine and DUY collaborations for Fall/Winter 2011.




Already promoting & associating with the great Denis Gagnon for a couple of seasons already, Aldo has recognized the power of designer partnerships. Good for them, and good for our fashion industry here in Canada. The more visibility it receives, the better our industry will grow and survive.


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  1. Just bought the Aldo Deanna wedge today! LOVE LOVE! I didn't even want to wait for them to go on sale.