Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As a fashion lover and creative person, I am passionate about every thing that is fashion; from clothes, to accessories, to shoes and all that is in between. Everyone by now knows my passion for shoes, however, there is another category in one's closet that I am equally passionate about: the handbag division for both men and women. In my humble opinion, i find that shoes and handbags go hand in hand, therefore, usually, if your a maniac about one, you will probably be as interested in the other. And its the case for me. However, I must admit that my passion for everything that is handbag is a newer discovery than footwear. Ive only recently started buying efty amounts of bags to garnish my closet compared to shoes, which have been my passion ever since I can remember. Its important to note that the men side of the business of handbags has drastically evolved these past few years and guys aren't afraid to carry cooler and different shapes these days, and designers are cathering to this new phenomena in a big way by chosing to show as many variations of shapes and colors as they would for the ladiesin menswear catwalks. With this being said, I've decided to create a new segment on my blog called Bags.Of.The.Day to compliment my Shoes.Of.The.Day segment. Hope you'll like it.

So here goes my first Bags.Of.The.Day segment...



: Givenchy
What: 'Antigona' ostrich and leather mixed tote
Why: It's the 'it' bag of the season. From Beyoncé to Charlize Theron, all the big and fashionable stars seem to be carrying it. And understandbly so. The Givenchy 'Antigona' bag comes in a multitude of fabric mixes. My favorite is the pictured one, a mix of ostrich and leather for an updated twist on the classic look of the bag. I love the simplicity of the bag. The shape is new and fresh without being too funky and the details are rich in their simplicity. Swoon ladies, Swoon.
How Much
: $2425 Cdn (



: Alexander McQueen
: Leather duffle bag with suede trims
: This great duffle bag it the perfect size for carrying all your most needed things. It can also be used as a small weekender bag. Love the color, a deep and rich gray which remains classic yet is a different option to the basic black. And it wouldn't be a McQueen if there wasn't anything cheeky on it, in this instance, the signature skull McQueen appliquer on the sides of the bag. So stylish without trying to hard. Want it so bad!
How Much:
$2060 Cdn (

The handbag insdustry is full of wonders, and 'it' bags are made and created everyday. It will be fun to cover & discover them in this new segement. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

'till next time.


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