Monday, March 7, 2011

Shoes.Of.The.Day: Zara.Spring.2011

This edition of Shoes.Of.The.Day will focus on my top Spring 2011 offerings from the amazing Spanish-owned fast fashion chain Zara. Everybody in my surrounding is aware of my love affair with Zara as I shop there constantly. The chain creates amazing clothes, shoes, accessories and basics everyone needs in their wardrobe and you don’t have to pay crazy amounts of money while shopping there. They cover trends like no one else and are usually spot-on with hot items of the moment. You can build your whole wardrobe every season for little money, a real one-stop shop. Love Zara!!!


(Zara.Spring.2011: $59.99/$99.90/$159/$$)

(Zara.Spring.2011: $99.90/$129/$59.99/$$)

(Zara.Spring.2011: $99.90/$39.99/$$)


(Zara.Spring.2011: $139/$139/$99.90/$$)

(Zara.Spring.2011: $109/$109/$95.90/$$)

(Zara.Spring.2011: $59.90/$95.90/$$)

Spring, can't wait for you to come already!



  1. First row, number 3 is my fave! :D

  2. Imprimé panthère Grrr je craque


  3. Aurélie, they are my favorite as well!

  4. Audrwey, c'est effectivement un imprimé très réussi. J'aime bien la texture de la bottine aussi.