Monday, October 31, 2011

Ladies.Footwear.Designer: Jeffrey.Campbell.Fall.2011

If you guys don't know the footwear label Jeffrey Cambpell yet, it might mean you have been living under a rock for the past few years and/or haven't been reading my blog as the brand is arguably the hottest and one of the most "need-to-know" shoe brand out there. The fashion forward Los Angeles label is a mix of edgy modernity with vintage inspiration. Their design and concepts are distinct and clearly focused on details. The use of funky fabrics and wild color combinations provides a hip yet unconventional element to their designs.

Below are some of my favorites from their Fall.2011 collection:

Montreal has definitely embraced the label as its shoes seem to be everywhere; Fashionistas are sporting their designs and a variety of boutiques and retailers are carrying the line. Jeffrey Campbell is truly a label that needs to be discovered, if it hasn't already! 

Check them out at or at stores like Little Burgundy and Browns in the Montreal area.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall.2011.Fashion.Trend: Ostrich

As you can probably attest from the past few posts on The.Shoe.Freak, animal skins are all I seem to talk about these past few weeks. But with reason, Animal skins, especially in the handbag and footwear industry, are huge and sought after trends for the Fall.2011 season, especially in Womenswear. I have covered Leopard, Python and now comes Ostrich

Ostrich skins and imprimés are always a classic in one's wardrobe as they never go out of style and are truly timeless, especially since browns, blacks and navies are usually "the" colors you will see the skin, or its pattern, in. However, for Fall.2011, designers have gone all colorful on us by using shades like emerald greens, deep purples, cobalt blues, mustard, hot pinks, cognacs and tans as well as all metallics; an array of delightful colors which compliment a wardrobe.

Lets us look at the best footwear and handbag items using Ostrich for Fall.2011 focused primarily on womenswear for this video post.

Other animal skins and imprimés such as zebra, snakes, furs, feathers and so on are also very present this Fall.2011...I will cover Furs in a future blog entry as it is as big and/or bigger than for Fall.2010, trend wise. 

Stay tuned!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall.2011.Zara.Looks: Menswear

Everyone knows my love for Zara. The fast-fashion chain knows how to pick up on off-the-moment trends and produce looks that seem straight out of a runway. But what makes them even better are the looks they put together. The styling is always great and make you want to buy the clothes. I must admit, they influence my way of putting my looks together. 

This post is targeted to the fellows (sorry ladies! But actually, this post will give you ladies ideas on how to dress your man!). Guys, its very easy to look good and put together. And at Zara, you can look stylish and groomed for a fraction of the price compared to high-end retailers.

Here are my top 10 looks for Fall.2011 in Menswear from Zara.

Look.1: Love the color combination...Mustard and Grey with the checkered shirt and sweet bow-tie, great.
Look.2: The checkered blazer is awesome as well as the deep rounded sweater in a beautiful navy.
Look.3: Love the satin lapel of the fitted blazer worn with the waxed/glazed jeans. Trendy but casual.
Look.4: Another way of doing semi-formal. Those great waxed jeans again with the scooped sweater and great grey blazer. Chic and timeless.
Look.5: Love the chill vibe I get from this look. Love the contrast-trimmed lapel on the blazer. Great look for drinks.
Look.6: Awesome color combination. Color-blocking at its best. Great weekend look.
Look.7: Great velvet blazer, Great bow-tie. Very Chuck Bass. (the only thing I'm not digging is the cuff of the shirt sticking out - so 1990's in all its negativeness)
Look.8: Another great color-blocking option. Love the mustard deep V-neck. The coat is stunning. Just a complete great look finished off with awesome boots.
Look.9: Trendy dandy. Love everything about this. From the boots to the blazer and the gloves.
Look.10: And finally my favorite Look. This is how I would wear it. Love the boots, rolled up pants, checkered shirt, great coat and to finish off, stunning bag. Love the way the tie is tucked in, great styling detail. I want everything from this look.

Its easy & simple to look put together and it really does not take a lot of money nor effort. Zara is truly a great one-stop shop. Check it out if you guys haven't yet. Putting pieces together & mix and matching items is what creates a good look. Don't be afraid to try things out. 


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Some exciting news for The.Shoe.Freak coming up soon. My first ever radio interview as The.Shoe.Freak just occured tonight! Im pretty excited to say it went pretty well for a first time. More details coming up very soon.

Stay tuned!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shoes.Of.The.Day: Leopard

As per mentioned in my previous Shoes.Of.The.Day segment, animal skins are all the rage on the catwalks these past few seasons. Another great example of an animal skin that is huge is the Leopard imprimé, which has made many appearances on different catwalks worldwide for the past few seasons now. As per mentioned previously here, Leopard was a strong Spring.2011 trend, and is as strong for Fall.2011.

Designers are using different textured combination (pony hair mixed with leather for instance) and mixing different colors to the traditional leopard imprimé (white black and brown for instance) in order to modernize the looks. The use of ornaments and wild colors are also newer design elements which give the leopard imprimé a newer dimension.

Lets see my favorites for Fall.2011:




Designers are pulling all the stops for you ladies using studs, tassels, fringing, sky-high heels and other design components to make you stand out. My personal favorite: the gorgeous Sam Edelman studded pumps. They are classic in shape but oh so wild in look. Swoon Ladies!



Guys are not to be forgotten when it comes to leopard so it seems as designers have integrated the pattern onto classic shapes (loafers and laced-up) as well as the for sportier types with high-top sneakers. My personal favorite: the Pierre Hardy high-top sneakers in that wild leopard imprimé with black trims. Sneakers that are unconventional and oh so delightful. I want them so bad!

Are you feeling the wild vibe?


Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall.2011.Fashion.Trend: Python

Fall 2011 is proving to be a season of many trends, hot items and specific detailing which are all influenced by the many different era's, movement and cultures in history. In other words, never have I seen so much leeway and so many different and unspecific trends in fashion. Everything seems to be ''IN'' right now and influenced by anything.

A constant trend, however, is the Animal print which has always been present no matter what the mood of each passing fashion season has been. Every new season has a newer & fresher take on the animal print. And this Fall 2011 season is no different. The snake print was a big trend of Fall & Spring 2010/2011. However, this season, the Python print, either the pattern itself and/or the actual skin, is the new must snake skin to have in your wardrobe. The python print has a very specific pattern and its texture is also different from the other kind of snakes which make it that much more expansive if your fashion item is made in full-on python skin.

(Lanvin's.Python.Print.for Fall.2011)

For this blog entry, I decided to really focus on the footwear and handbag aspect of anyone's closet as usually python skin will be used mostly in those 2 department.

In the below video, you will find my top Python items for Fall 2011, shoes and bags alike.

With prices ranging from $95 up to $5000 Cdn, you guys will definitively be able to find something for yourselves in there. The question is will you be sporting the Python trend this season?