Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall.2011.Fashion.Trend: Python

Fall 2011 is proving to be a season of many trends, hot items and specific detailing which are all influenced by the many different era's, movement and cultures in history. In other words, never have I seen so much leeway and so many different and unspecific trends in fashion. Everything seems to be ''IN'' right now and influenced by anything.

A constant trend, however, is the Animal print which has always been present no matter what the mood of each passing fashion season has been. Every new season has a newer & fresher take on the animal print. And this Fall 2011 season is no different. The snake print was a big trend of Fall & Spring 2010/2011. However, this season, the Python print, either the pattern itself and/or the actual skin, is the new must snake skin to have in your wardrobe. The python print has a very specific pattern and its texture is also different from the other kind of snakes which make it that much more expansive if your fashion item is made in full-on python skin.

(Lanvin's.Python.Print.for Fall.2011)

For this blog entry, I decided to really focus on the footwear and handbag aspect of anyone's closet as usually python skin will be used mostly in those 2 department.

In the below video, you will find my top Python items for Fall 2011, shoes and bags alike.

With prices ranging from $95 up to $5000 Cdn, you guys will definitively be able to find something for yourselves in there. The question is will you be sporting the Python trend this season?


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