Monday, October 31, 2011

Ladies.Footwear.Designer: Jeffrey.Campbell.Fall.2011

If you guys don't know the footwear label Jeffrey Cambpell yet, it might mean you have been living under a rock for the past few years and/or haven't been reading my blog as the brand is arguably the hottest and one of the most "need-to-know" shoe brand out there. The fashion forward Los Angeles label is a mix of edgy modernity with vintage inspiration. Their design and concepts are distinct and clearly focused on details. The use of funky fabrics and wild color combinations provides a hip yet unconventional element to their designs.

Below are some of my favorites from their Fall.2011 collection:

Montreal has definitely embraced the label as its shoes seem to be everywhere; Fashionistas are sporting their designs and a variety of boutiques and retailers are carrying the line. Jeffrey Campbell is truly a label that needs to be discovered, if it hasn't already! 

Check them out at or at stores like Little Burgundy and Browns in the Montreal area.



  1. The black and gold booties are my fave- so festive. However, those flatforms are so UGLEY! but perfect for Olive Oil lol
    Candice xo

  2. Jeffrey Campbell shoes are renowned for being knockoffs of other designers' work. This brand is great for those who can't afford high-end fashion but their designs are certainly not 'distinct'.