Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall.2011.Fashion.Trend: Ostrich

As you can probably attest from the past few posts on The.Shoe.Freak, animal skins are all I seem to talk about these past few weeks. But with reason, Animal skins, especially in the handbag and footwear industry, are huge and sought after trends for the Fall.2011 season, especially in Womenswear. I have covered Leopard, Python and now comes Ostrich

Ostrich skins and imprim├ęs are always a classic in one's wardrobe as they never go out of style and are truly timeless, especially since browns, blacks and navies are usually "the" colors you will see the skin, or its pattern, in. However, for Fall.2011, designers have gone all colorful on us by using shades like emerald greens, deep purples, cobalt blues, mustard, hot pinks, cognacs and tans as well as all metallics; an array of delightful colors which compliment a wardrobe.

Lets us look at the best footwear and handbag items using Ostrich for Fall.2011 focused primarily on womenswear for this video post.

Other animal skins and imprim├ęs such as zebra, snakes, furs, feathers and so on are also very present this Fall.2011...I will cover Furs in a future blog entry as it is as big and/or bigger than for Fall.2010, trend wise. 

Stay tuned!


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