Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall.2011.Zara.Looks: Menswear

Everyone knows my love for Zara. The fast-fashion chain knows how to pick up on off-the-moment trends and produce looks that seem straight out of a runway. But what makes them even better are the looks they put together. The styling is always great and make you want to buy the clothes. I must admit, they influence my way of putting my looks together. 

This post is targeted to the fellows (sorry ladies! But actually, this post will give you ladies ideas on how to dress your man!). Guys, its very easy to look good and put together. And at Zara, you can look stylish and groomed for a fraction of the price compared to high-end retailers.

Here are my top 10 looks for Fall.2011 in Menswear from Zara.

Look.1: Love the color combination...Mustard and Grey with the checkered shirt and sweet bow-tie, great.
Look.2: The checkered blazer is awesome as well as the deep rounded sweater in a beautiful navy.
Look.3: Love the satin lapel of the fitted blazer worn with the waxed/glazed jeans. Trendy but casual.
Look.4: Another way of doing semi-formal. Those great waxed jeans again with the scooped sweater and great grey blazer. Chic and timeless.
Look.5: Love the chill vibe I get from this look. Love the contrast-trimmed lapel on the blazer. Great look for drinks.
Look.6: Awesome color combination. Color-blocking at its best. Great weekend look.
Look.7: Great velvet blazer, Great bow-tie. Very Chuck Bass. (the only thing I'm not digging is the cuff of the shirt sticking out - so 1990's in all its negativeness)
Look.8: Another great color-blocking option. Love the mustard deep V-neck. The coat is stunning. Just a complete great look finished off with awesome boots.
Look.9: Trendy dandy. Love everything about this. From the boots to the blazer and the gloves.
Look.10: And finally my favorite Look. This is how I would wear it. Love the boots, rolled up pants, checkered shirt, great coat and to finish off, stunning bag. Love the way the tie is tucked in, great styling detail. I want everything from this look.

Its easy & simple to look put together and it really does not take a lot of money nor effort. Zara is truly a great one-stop shop. Check it out if you guys haven't yet. Putting pieces together & mix and matching items is what creates a good look. Don't be afraid to try things out. 


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