Monday, January 31, 2011


Award season is in full gear and the second big award show of the season is the SAG Awards. This award show is usually more relaxed than the Golden Globes or Oscars, however, this 2011 edition was a bit different. The actresses were in full glamorous zone. Some left their hair down and messy, but others had every little details pinpointed and taking care off.

Here are my favorite ladies of the night.

Why: I am sure that the opinions on this dress & look are divided, however, for me, I found it to be gorgeous. From the hair to the make-up to the dress itself, I found January Jones flawless, glamorous and very old-school Hollywood. Isn't that what we want to see from these kind of shows and actresses now these days? The lace a
nd color combination are spot-on and the mermaid silhouette simple yet chic and classic. I also love that she is always bold and unpredictable in her fashion choices. Beautiful.

Why: Yes!!! That's what I am talking about. My muse is back at it again. This look is very old-school glamour with the lace, bow and statement like necklace. Again, I am sure people will be divided on this look as well, especially with the necklace, however, I think its bold and very different and it works, which is what I always loved about Nicole Kidman in the first place. Love the color, a dark navy blue, the texture and the thick trimming. The hair is simple yet effective. Great, finally!
Note: A lot of people are on the fence because of th
e awkward pose Kidman is doing on the picture, which seems to be the only one circulating everywhere. However, on television, this dress looked regal on her.

Why: I loved the spring 2011 Georges Hobeika couture show last week in Paris and just knew that it would certainly make appearances on the red carpet anytime soon. Eva Longoria looks incredibly sexy yet feminine and not vulgar in anyway. The pleating of the gown is simply amazing and the greige color is perfect on her skin tone. Pretty pretty lady.

Why: She looked great at the Golden Globes (she was my #3 pick) and looks as good in this bold pink Oscar de la Renta dress. Its all about the color, which looks amazing on her but I also loved the velvet belt attached with a big bow in contrasting black color. The slit is just the right length and the draping is charming. I like the shoulder strap detailing, reminiscent of Nicole Kidman's amazing Jean-Paul Gaultier dress worn when she won her Oscar. Can't go wrong with that reminder/comparison!

Why: Such a pretty lady. Love the color on her. Love the simplicity of the look especially appropriate for that award show. Love the cinched waist in a lighter color. Love the soft draping from the bust down. Love her hair. Love the whole bohemian-effortless feel i get looking at her. Its definitely her year. Stunning.

***Worthy Mentions
: Natalie Portman in Azzaro because she looked like a Grecian goddess, Julianna Margulies in Yves Saint-Laurent because she's always effortlessly chic & elegant, Rosario Dawson in J.Mendel because she surprised me looking fresh and superb, Julie Bowen in Catherine Malandrino because it was unexpected, bold and new, and Haille Steinfeld in Prada because she looked youthful, age appropriate, & sweet.

***No need for worst or most disappointing of the night. Not necessary.

Here are my favorite guys of the night.

Why: The color of this Gucci suit is great; a shiny
electric blue which is different from the sea of black we saw from all the guys out there. The cut and fit is also very nice, love the tapered trousers. And finally, loved the scarf. It gave this whole look a different outlook, and was very appropriate for the Sag Awards. Very trendy, well done.

Why: Again, I liked this looked because it was casual yet classy. The monochromatic works perfectly and the open shirt makes it less formal, which is perfect for a night like the SAG awards. I also love the wide lapel on this Prada suit, a big detail in menswear. The fit was great, even if not shown here because of another awkward pose.

Why: There was a bunch of guys wearing the black suit-white shirt-black tie combo. However, no one did it better than Colfer. Its all about the fit. The proportion of the shoulder width with the rest of the blazer is wonderful. As well, the skinny lapel, low neck drop (where the first button is) & tapered trousers are all points that makes this look a fashionable one. And finally, I also like the fact that his tie is not tightened fully & his collar button is open, giving it a more casual & less stiff feel. A small detail, but great one nonetheless.

Guys have a tendency of broadening their shoulders, making them look even wider than they should. And for us guys, its always about the fit, because of the singular aspect of menswear. In all 3 of my best dressed guys, the fit of their suits were awesome.

What did you guys think, loved or hated? Please share.

See you at the next big award show!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Men.Top.Spring.2011.Trends: Part.2

Here is part 2 of the Spring 2011 key items & trends for us guys.


The trench coat for men is my #2 jacket option in my list of top items for spring 2011. Yes, it has been on catwalks in previous seasons, however, this season, it has become indispensable to own one. Designers varied their creations by using all sorts of flaps, tabs and different fabrics & textures in order to revamp the look. Some used mixtures of colors and fabric combination, others used pops of colors making the trench anything but boring.
Note: Chose a tighter fitted coat. Designers work effortlessly to create the perfect fit and ill-fitted coats are just so wrong. Also, if its the first time buying such an item, choose the safer colors; black, tan, beige or navy as you can't go wrong with a safer choice to begin with.
Favorites: Bottega Veneta, Michael Bastian, Balenciaga & Burberry Prorsum


Who said scarves were out? Designers rolled their model's necks with beautiful soft or silky fabrics in a burst of easy colors and plenty of different shapes and lengths. Different patterns were used, stripes being the most common. Also, bags were on every other model or so, either held with one hand or hanging by the shoulder. The bigger the bag, the better. All shapes, from totes to weekenders were showed, and soft colors were major. Capitalizing on the handbag revenues is not exclusive to the ladies anymore as more and more guys are getting into wearing a cool and trendy bag.
Note: Bags are not for just traveling or the gym anymore. Invest in a good quality bag. Black or dark chocolate browns are essentials. As for scarves, go crazy and don't be afraid to buy many. They are great accessories that really do help change a look.
Favorites: Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Gucci & Roberto Cavalli


The third and final must have jacket in my list is the biker jacket; another key item seen at the ladies catwalks as well. For Spring 2011, the biker jacket takes its cues from the end of the 60's and beginning of 70's using details that are closer to the ''perfecto''. Designers toned the edginess down by using soft colors and not exclusively using leather.
Note: A good leather jacket can be very pricey. However, designers are giving their clients good alternatives by creating biker jackets in cotton, denim and linen. For spring 2011, brushed cottons and coated linens are suitable options.
Favorites: Burberry Prorsum, Lanvin & Moschino


Colors, colors, colors! Besides the particular shade of Blue mentioned in my #5 top trend, designers went wild with vivid colors like hot pink, bright yellows, burnt oranges, wild greens, vibrant purples and so on. What makes this worthy of mention is that colors so vivid aren't usually worn by men. And yet, this season, they were everywhere.
Note: Dare to wear colors. Many man don't wear colors because they don't want to be noticed.
Don't be afraid to pop and be seen. But choose the right colors wisely for your skin-tone, and don't go over board on colors; looking like a walking circus isn't recommended.
Favorites: Tommy Hilfiger & Moschino

A small recap of all the trends and hot items mentioned-9 in all:

Menswear is becoming more and more exciting & different every season. Hope this will help you guys figuring out what is in trend and what is hot out there.

Now enjoy the new shopping season. & please leave comments.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Men.Top.Spring.2011.Trends: Part.1

Usually, it is very rare that trends are similar when talking about ladies versus men each season. You will always have some small similarities here and there but usually, they are separate entities. However, Spring 2011 is very different in that regard. This season brings a new spin on fashion as trends for guys and girls are eerily similar and seem to have collided creating some sort of androgynous twist. The mood of the season for both guys and girls is inspired by the 70’s. Therefore a lot of the same key items and trends for both sexes are in full gear. Let’s go over the Top Spring 2011 for guys. Compared to my previous post about the ladies top spring 2011, you will undeniably see a big resemblance.


The "Key" item for Spring 2011. The double-breasted blazer is a must. Seen on every catwalk possible, dressed down for a more casual look or formal as a tux or nice suit, with shorts, jeans or trousers, short or long, tight fitted or loose, double-breast is everywhere.
Note: The fit is extremely important. It is essential when trying on a blazer to know where the crossing point occurs and how it stands on your body, as, for instance, if your on the heavier side, a cross that is too far and wide can make you look broader and bulge where its not suppose to.
Favorites: Gucci, Michael Bastian, Costume National & Ermenegildo Zegna


Guys, if you don't like showing these legs of yours, than you won't like dressing up this season as its all about the shorts. In this instance, designers decided to dress up the shorts as they are used as a supplement to the regular trousers in formal wear as well as casual, for a more dressed-up occasion. Mostly knee or above the knee length, dressy shorts are having their moment!
Note: Like a regular pair of trousers, not all shorts are appropriate for your body type and again, its very important to try for a suitable fit. Avoid double pleats and over detailed designs.
Favorites: Buckler, Gant by Michael Bastian & Bottega Veneta


Sweaters are always indisputable items in a man's closet. However, this season, designers have made the
thick cable-knit sweaters predominant pieces. Worn with a pair of subdued bottom only, they are the star item. As well, they come in a multitude of colors this season.
Note: Invest in good quality fabrics-cashmere blends & high cotton fib
ers. Sure they are pricey but quality over-trumps quantity here. Also, knitted sweaters are very delicate, therefore make sure you take good care of the investment.
Favorites: Roberto Cavalli, Gucci & Iceberg


Spring 2011 is all about jackets. Three of my top trend items include jackets. My first of the three is the baseball jacket. Yes, similar to the athletic ones worn by sports athletes, hence the name, the baseball jacket is merely similar only by look standards. Different materials used by designers include leather, cottons, techno nylons, suede and linen. A must item that can be worn casual or stylized with a skinny tie and trouser for a more dressy occasion.
Note: Try to stay away from patches, embroideries and crazy prints (a la Givenchy) as even if in style right now, the whole point is to buy pieces that will last you a long time, therefore something more subdued in details will have longevity in your closet. Think classic.
Favorites: D&G, Shipley&Halmos & Calvin Klein Collection


Yes, as in the color. It seems as though the color Blue was everywhere and used to make everything in the man's wardrobe this season. Different shades of the color were present, however the icy, arctic & electric blue's were predominant. Blue is the new black!
Note: Do not go for a total Blue look. That is just wrong. Accessorize with browns, taupe's, grays and chocolate shades with shoes, belts and bags for a fresher and trendier look. And a splash of color like pink, sweet yellow, dusty violet and burnt orange will add a different twist to your look.
Ermenegildo Zegna, Bottega Veneta & Burberry Prorsum

Part 2 of my top men trends for Spring 2011 in my next entry. So stay tuned!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shoes.Of.The.Day: London.Inspiration

Today's Shoes.Of.The.Day is inspired by the great city of London and its fashion contribution to the world. London is such a melting-pot of inspiring creativity, fashion sense and awesome avant-garde scene. And many cool, hip and amazing trends & designers come from there. Definitely one of my favorite shopping cities, especially for shoes, as many cool shoe brands derive from there. Here are two of my favorites.



Who: Irregular Choice
What: Laced-up ankle boots
Why: I just love this company so much, as previously mentioned in another Shoes.Of.The.Day segment about a man's pair.The exuberance of this ankle boot is amazing, without being too over the top, and still keeping its femininity. The play with the suede and fabric is fun, the print isn't aggressive and the laced-up bow is very pretty. Swoon worthy!
How Much:
£69.99 (approximately $112 Us)


Who: Fly London
What: Camel booties
Why: Fly London is another UK brand that I love because, like Irregular Choice, they always come up with edgy & creative stuff. This pair of booties is on the tamer side of what they do but I chose it because of its gorgeous rich camel color. Also, I love the play of the multiple seam line. This allows no waste in fabric consumption which is always a good thing. The wooden heel has an unusual shape which is pretty different. And finally, I love love love the rounded toe edge; its so modern and perfectly shaped. Definitely want those.
How Much:
£115 (approximately $185 Us)

Visit their website mentioned below for more information.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ladies.Top.Spring.2011.Trends: Part.2

Here is part 2 of the Spring 2011 key items & trends for ladies.


Commonly known as potato sacks, block dresses can be difficult to wear and not flattering what-so-ever. However, when styled and/or designed properly, this key spring 2011 item is fun and stylish.
Note: Don't be afraid to use accessories such as a belt to cinch the waist, or statement necklaces to up the ante. And please wear heels or else you will look like a potato sack.
Favorites: Stella McCartney & Micheal Kors


The bigger & fuller, the better. Full skirts, with an above-the-knee or shorter hem line by preference, are the skirt of the season. Designers used trims like lace (hot spring fabric again), embroideries and fabric appliques to give it a more bohemian-like feel (another big current of the season).
Note: Too many pleats, and too much flare can become dangerous for the more curvaceous and for the petite body-type as it will add unwanted volume.
Favorites: Moschino, Salvatore Ferragamo & Jil Sander


The bohemian & 70's tendencies are on full display with the peasant blouse. Seen at many younger designer lines, the peasant blouse can be worn both as a dress or as a top. Noticed on the catwalks: wild patterns, sheer fabrics and loose fitted silhouettes.
Note: For a more mature look, avoid the wild patterns and stick to the summery fabrics like poplin, seersucker and gingham cotton.
Favorites: D&G & Paul&Joe


From the wide hem to the short-shorts, it is hard to overlook this item for Spring 2011. A pair of short has become an essential part of a wardrobe and its not uncommon for designers to include many variations of it on their catwalks. This season, its all about the high-waist, a throw back to the 70's which is the overlaying theme of the season.
Note: Make sure not to go too short as it can look vulgar and cheap. Also, its very important to know what works for your body type. Do not try to fit into things that you normally don't wear just because its in fashion.
Favorites: Paul&Joe & The Gap


For Spring 2011, a softer, tone down version of the biker jacket has popped at most of the catwalks. Less in-your-face hardware, and more play with textures and fabrics (Burberry and Balenciaga being the only ones who showed a tougher, rebel side). Colors are more prominent for Spring 2011 than the usual black motorcycle.
Note: Go short or cropped for Spring, worn with a long tee and skinny or wide leg trousers for a more sophisticated result.
Favorites: Burberry, Balenciaga & Blumarine


The handbag business is a category designers are working harder on developing and/or maintaining as they provide a big chunk of the revenues for brands in an economy where every dollar counts. The "it" accessory this Spring 2011 is the cross body bag seen on most of the models on every catwalk unimaginable. Its easy, fun, and comes in a multitude of forms, shapes and detail.
Note: Invest in a quality bag that will last you a few decades instead of going for the trendy of the moment shape or crazy details. Clutches provide the most use as you can wear them day or night, to a social event or a stroll down the street and so on. Colors are fun, but make sure that your basic blacks, browns and camels are also covered.
Favorites: Dolce&Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli & John Galliano

A small recap of all the trends & hot items mentioned-12 in all:

With this, enjoy the new season of shopping ladies!

Please leave comments or feedback.

And men, you guys are next. Keep posted on my next few blog entries for my top Spring 2011 trends for men.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ladies.Top.Spring.2011.Trends: Part.1

Winter sales are on everywhere. That means its the start of a new fashion season. Soon enough, stores will start receiving their spring deliveries and merchandise their displays with hot and new items. With the multitude of fast fashion and the globalization of today's market, it can be hard to follow and understand all that is out there. Here is where I come in. Going through all the catwalks of all the major fashion cities is something I do for the love of fashion in search of the latest trends, "it" items and must pieces...You see what I do for you guys! ;) Kidding aside, here is my list of the top trends and must items for Spring 2011 for you gals out there.


The "Key" item of the season! All the top designers out there had their own variation of this item. From high-waist to multiple pleats, all you need to know is that the wide leg trouser is here to stay and is worth investing into as this trend continues strong in all the Pre-Fall 2011 catwalks.

Note: Wide leg does not mean a big flare at the hem of the trouser only. The flare starts well above the knee, and there is no tightness anywhere, hence calling it wide leg.
Favorites: Derek Lam & Jason Wu


Yes, the white shirt, a staple of any wardrobe, is a must this season. Used in every situation, from day to night, as a dress or under a suit, the white shirt is a key item for spring. Designers have played with proportions, tweaked the collars and added details such as embroideries, sequins & tabs to it, but overall, the classic white shirt remains the right choice.
Note: Invest in a good quality shirt. It is never a good idea to see a collar start rumpling and deforming nor seeing the color of your bra or panties because the fabric quality is too thin and not expansive!
Favorites: Viktor & Rolf & Jean-Paul Gaultier


The jumpsuit is making a huge comeback. Even Haute Couture designers are making jumpsuits, pearled, embroidered and what not. Inspired by the 70's current in fashion, they are now created to cater for work as well as for party-goers. Short or long, wide or skinny, the jumpsuit is definitely a hit item.
Note: Jumpsuits do not go on every body type. In many occasion, they are to be overlooked as they do show the flaws immediately. And not because its a trend that you necessarily need to have it.
Favorites: Elie Saab & Hermès


The stripped tee trend isn't new per say, however, the overwhelming presence of it in every catwalk this season makes it a must item. Actually, the stripe-anything-item is a must. From the sailor look (yes, still going on strong) to the huge stripes, anything goes.
Note: Be careful when wearing stripes. They do have a tendency to make you look wider. Chose a one or two color combination only as they will tame it down.
Favorites: Prada, Moschino & Tommy Hilfiger


Sweaters are big for Spring 2011, especially the Dolman sleeves. You know, the semi bat-wing-usually-no-seam-loose-at-the-armhole sleeve that everyone does not know how to name? Well people, they are called Dolman sleeves. They can be too much, but worn appropriately, are great to wear.
Note: Its very important to try on this type of sweater before purchasing as you do not want to go home and stand in front of your mirror to realize the dolman sleeve ain't really working for you.
Favorites: Alexander Wang & Prabal Gurung


Again, It seems as though the military trend has been there for a few season. Normally a Fall.Winter trend because of the onslaught of outerwear, designers have applied the feeling of the military look without making it a statement-like, obvious trend. But it is overly present in details (shoulder tabs, cinched waist) and silhouettes (trenches and pea coats).
Note: Don't go over board on the military look. It should be subdued and cleverly present in the details to give your item a vibe more than a complete affirmation. Also, remember that less is more.
Favorites: Gucci, Jason Wu & Derek Lam

Part 2 of the top ladies trends for spring 2011 coming up in my next blog entry. So stay tuned.

guys, don't worry, I did not forget about you all ; my next few posts will be about the Men's top key looks for Spring 2011.



Monday, January 17, 2011

Awards.Season.2011: Golden.Globes

Yes, I am writing an entry on the Golden Globes as awards season is something really important in fashion these days and designers around the world use this platform to showcase their talents with free publicity. Many trends usually come out or are re-affirmed with these type of events. So as a fashion follower, it is fun and important to follow these type of red carpet showdowns.

Here are my favorite ladies of the night.


: She looked incredible. The color, the sequins, the sleeves, the open back, the hair; everything worked for me. Armani at his best. It was edgy, sophisticated, modern yet elegant and graceful.


: Its her year, no doubt about it. The color is amazing, the de
tails and pleating on the gown are stunning and Mila's hair and make-up is just right. She looks like a movie star. Young but so mature I find.


Why: What a way to make a statement and be seen and discovered. Love this Louis Vuitton dress because its unusual, the frills aren't excessively blinding, the color is great and the defined shape give the actress a flattering figure. Love it.


This girl is just awesome in her fashion choices. She never disappoints me even if a lot of people don't always understand or like her choices. I just think she's bold, inventive and never dull or boring. Love the sleeves (big trend of the night), the slit, the color on her skin tone and the way she carries it. Lovely Leighton.


Why: Perfection. This is how we do a statement on a red carpet with such a simple dress. Its all about the color. Perfect color for her skin tone. The back is very low cut, but executed so well. Less is more, and Emma did it oh so well.

***Worthy.mentions: Lhuillier,,,,,, & Halle."sexy"


Why: They looked good, but oh so boring. Nicole, the muse I once cherished,
where are you? Can Tom Ford or Karl Lagerfeld take you back under their wings again please??? This was way too safe, boring and not fashion forward.
Natalie Portman just because I loved what she wore 2 nights prior much better; her white and black GianFranco Ferré gown wore at the Critics choice awards was more of a stunner I find.

Here are my favorite guys of the night.


Why: This is how to wear Velvet right. I love the fact he wore a bigger than usual bow tie, in the same fabric as his suit. He looks dapper and well put together. Good job.


Why: I love this look because its not the typical penguin-like black & white suit. Its the perfect way to wear the monochromatic look. Its formal but casual at the same time and love the appropriate shininess of his suit and the thinner bow tie.


Why: Because he looks like a true hollywood movie star. Nothing over the top but every little detail is right. The cut of his Burberry suit is great and the bow tie, on the bigger side, like Ryan Gosling, is the perfect compliment.

: Robert Downey Jr. in Prada, Kevin McHale &
Harry Shum Jr. from Glee (because its something I would of had worn).

What did you guys think, loved or hated? Please share.

See you at the next big award show!


Thursday, January 13, 2011


The 1st Shoes.Of.The.Day segment of the year will focus on details. Shoes, handbags and accessories have become extremely important categories for a brand, as they provide a big part of the revenues. Therefore, to stay relevant and fresh, designers won’t settle for the simple-less-is-more motto. Details such as the use of bows, tassels, fringes, pins, hardware, zippers, fabrics, textures, design lines etc. are predominant in all of the catwalks these past few seasons, and the trend does not seem to slow down for spring 2011 as tassels and fringes, for instance, were everywhere. In future blog entries, I will explore furthermore the hot trends for Spring 2011.

But for now, here are my Shoes.Of.The.Day selection for Ladies and Men.


Who: Emilio Pucci
What: Suede open-toe ankle boots
Why: Fringe, check. Tassels, check. Studs, check. Wooden heel, check. All of the hottest trends for Spring 2011 seem to be incorporated into one pair of shoe, and yet, it seems to work pretty well with this ultra-cool pair of boots. The color is amazing, the mix of suede and leather is just right and all the excess in the detail department give this Pucci ankle boot a 70's feel, which was yet another highlighted trend for Spring 2011. Less is more? Not in this instance. Swoon worthy.
How Much: $1150 Us (


Who: Gucci
What: Leather Drivers
Why: I am not a big fan of the more commercial-logo-crazy side of Gucci. But when they do the understated minimal with no apparent logo, Gucci is right-on. Like this gorgeous pair of driver shoes for men. The use of different texture and material, in this instance mesh, patent leather and pebble leather, work very well together. Also, the added boat-shoe like laces and back leather tab as well as the signature Gucci web are all details that add so much to this style. Love it, want them...I started saving, no worries!
How Much: $435 Us (


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Fashion and clothes are supposed to be fun and easy and a testament of your own self. Therefore, with this new year comes a new segment to my blog. Views.From.My.Closet will be posts about items that make me smile, think, laugh and reflect from my closet (and/or stores) that I own, want or like; clothes, shoes, accessories, etc...

They say that the clothes you wear are reflections of your own personality. If this is true, you will probably discover sooner or later, that
I have the case of multiple personalities as at times, I do not take myself too seriously fashion wise. It portrays me well as I do not have a defined look or style. For example, a goth will never be preppy and a preppy will never be Gothic. My closet, on the other hand, is a sea of many different styles and looks. Items that I love will be shown, pieces that have a meaning, an emotion or a story to them will be shared. Hope you like it.

Without further ado, drum rolls please...

The first piece from my closet is actually why I named my blog The.Shoe.Freak. Its not a particular or singular piece but more of a summary: my collection of shoes.

Take a look at the pictures below for a small glimpse of my collection:

Why: I thought it was fitting for me to show my shoe collection as my first segment since you've probably noticed by now, I love shoes. Yes, a man that loves shoes, not uncommon really these days. I know plenty of guys who buy shoes like it was peanuts. My own siblings have more shoes than me so it seems. Its a stereotype that is really non-existent in today's society as fashion for men as evolved drastically. Also, the modern-urban male is really into looking good and sharp, therefore follows and is into fashion and clothes, care products and what not.

As previously mentioned in an earlier post, I believe that shoes complete a look. If you have the wrong pair of shoes on, than it will make a good ensemble look bad, even if styled properly. Shoes are extremely important.

A lot of people buy many pair of shoes every season because they treat them poorly, abuse and use them very quickly, or have a certain walk that ruins them; my brother is all of that at once. However, I'm not. My shoes can last very long as I take care of them pretty well, have a light step and never wear them 2 or 3 days in a row. This is partly due to the amount of shoes I own, therefore I enjoy changing, matching and rotating.

Please do not ask me how many pairs I have as I have stopped counting (yes, that bad). From sneakers to boots, flip-flops to sandals, casual to proper, summer to winter, black to colorful, I probably have it all and many of each.

However, I give away many pairs every year to charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army; my way of contributing in this world I suppose.

Something as trivial as shoes make me happy, it doesn't take much! I'm a catch! ;)

Please share your own thoughts, your own stories and/or own pieces from your closet that make you smile.

'Till the next segment!