Saturday, January 29, 2011

Men.Top.Spring.2011.Trends: Part.1

Usually, it is very rare that trends are similar when talking about ladies versus men each season. You will always have some small similarities here and there but usually, they are separate entities. However, Spring 2011 is very different in that regard. This season brings a new spin on fashion as trends for guys and girls are eerily similar and seem to have collided creating some sort of androgynous twist. The mood of the season for both guys and girls is inspired by the 70’s. Therefore a lot of the same key items and trends for both sexes are in full gear. Let’s go over the Top Spring 2011 for guys. Compared to my previous post about the ladies top spring 2011, you will undeniably see a big resemblance.


The "Key" item for Spring 2011. The double-breasted blazer is a must. Seen on every catwalk possible, dressed down for a more casual look or formal as a tux or nice suit, with shorts, jeans or trousers, short or long, tight fitted or loose, double-breast is everywhere.
Note: The fit is extremely important. It is essential when trying on a blazer to know where the crossing point occurs and how it stands on your body, as, for instance, if your on the heavier side, a cross that is too far and wide can make you look broader and bulge where its not suppose to.
Favorites: Gucci, Michael Bastian, Costume National & Ermenegildo Zegna


Guys, if you don't like showing these legs of yours, than you won't like dressing up this season as its all about the shorts. In this instance, designers decided to dress up the shorts as they are used as a supplement to the regular trousers in formal wear as well as casual, for a more dressed-up occasion. Mostly knee or above the knee length, dressy shorts are having their moment!
Note: Like a regular pair of trousers, not all shorts are appropriate for your body type and again, its very important to try for a suitable fit. Avoid double pleats and over detailed designs.
Favorites: Buckler, Gant by Michael Bastian & Bottega Veneta


Sweaters are always indisputable items in a man's closet. However, this season, designers have made the
thick cable-knit sweaters predominant pieces. Worn with a pair of subdued bottom only, they are the star item. As well, they come in a multitude of colors this season.
Note: Invest in good quality fabrics-cashmere blends & high cotton fib
ers. Sure they are pricey but quality over-trumps quantity here. Also, knitted sweaters are very delicate, therefore make sure you take good care of the investment.
Favorites: Roberto Cavalli, Gucci & Iceberg


Spring 2011 is all about jackets. Three of my top trend items include jackets. My first of the three is the baseball jacket. Yes, similar to the athletic ones worn by sports athletes, hence the name, the baseball jacket is merely similar only by look standards. Different materials used by designers include leather, cottons, techno nylons, suede and linen. A must item that can be worn casual or stylized with a skinny tie and trouser for a more dressy occasion.
Note: Try to stay away from patches, embroideries and crazy prints (a la Givenchy) as even if in style right now, the whole point is to buy pieces that will last you a long time, therefore something more subdued in details will have longevity in your closet. Think classic.
Favorites: D&G, Shipley&Halmos & Calvin Klein Collection


Yes, as in the color. It seems as though the color Blue was everywhere and used to make everything in the man's wardrobe this season. Different shades of the color were present, however the icy, arctic & electric blue's were predominant. Blue is the new black!
Note: Do not go for a total Blue look. That is just wrong. Accessorize with browns, taupe's, grays and chocolate shades with shoes, belts and bags for a fresher and trendier look. And a splash of color like pink, sweet yellow, dusty violet and burnt orange will add a different twist to your look.
Ermenegildo Zegna, Bottega Veneta & Burberry Prorsum

Part 2 of my top men trends for Spring 2011 in my next entry. So stay tuned!



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