Monday, January 17, 2011

Awards.Season.2011: Golden.Globes

Yes, I am writing an entry on the Golden Globes as awards season is something really important in fashion these days and designers around the world use this platform to showcase their talents with free publicity. Many trends usually come out or are re-affirmed with these type of events. So as a fashion follower, it is fun and important to follow these type of red carpet showdowns.

Here are my favorite ladies of the night.


: She looked incredible. The color, the sequins, the sleeves, the open back, the hair; everything worked for me. Armani at his best. It was edgy, sophisticated, modern yet elegant and graceful.


: Its her year, no doubt about it. The color is amazing, the de
tails and pleating on the gown are stunning and Mila's hair and make-up is just right. She looks like a movie star. Young but so mature I find.


Why: What a way to make a statement and be seen and discovered. Love this Louis Vuitton dress because its unusual, the frills aren't excessively blinding, the color is great and the defined shape give the actress a flattering figure. Love it.


This girl is just awesome in her fashion choices. She never disappoints me even if a lot of people don't always understand or like her choices. I just think she's bold, inventive and never dull or boring. Love the sleeves (big trend of the night), the slit, the color on her skin tone and the way she carries it. Lovely Leighton.


Why: Perfection. This is how we do a statement on a red carpet with such a simple dress. Its all about the color. Perfect color for her skin tone. The back is very low cut, but executed so well. Less is more, and Emma did it oh so well.

***Worthy.mentions: Lhuillier,,,,,, & Halle."sexy"


Why: They looked good, but oh so boring. Nicole, the muse I once cherished,
where are you? Can Tom Ford or Karl Lagerfeld take you back under their wings again please??? This was way too safe, boring and not fashion forward.
Natalie Portman just because I loved what she wore 2 nights prior much better; her white and black GianFranco Ferré gown wore at the Critics choice awards was more of a stunner I find.

Here are my favorite guys of the night.


Why: This is how to wear Velvet right. I love the fact he wore a bigger than usual bow tie, in the same fabric as his suit. He looks dapper and well put together. Good job.


Why: I love this look because its not the typical penguin-like black & white suit. Its the perfect way to wear the monochromatic look. Its formal but casual at the same time and love the appropriate shininess of his suit and the thinner bow tie.


Why: Because he looks like a true hollywood movie star. Nothing over the top but every little detail is right. The cut of his Burberry suit is great and the bow tie, on the bigger side, like Ryan Gosling, is the perfect compliment.

: Robert Downey Jr. in Prada, Kevin McHale &
Harry Shum Jr. from Glee (because its something I would of had worn).

What did you guys think, loved or hated? Please share.

See you at the next big award show!


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