Thursday, January 13, 2011


The 1st Shoes.Of.The.Day segment of the year will focus on details. Shoes, handbags and accessories have become extremely important categories for a brand, as they provide a big part of the revenues. Therefore, to stay relevant and fresh, designers won’t settle for the simple-less-is-more motto. Details such as the use of bows, tassels, fringes, pins, hardware, zippers, fabrics, textures, design lines etc. are predominant in all of the catwalks these past few seasons, and the trend does not seem to slow down for spring 2011 as tassels and fringes, for instance, were everywhere. In future blog entries, I will explore furthermore the hot trends for Spring 2011.

But for now, here are my Shoes.Of.The.Day selection for Ladies and Men.


Who: Emilio Pucci
What: Suede open-toe ankle boots
Why: Fringe, check. Tassels, check. Studs, check. Wooden heel, check. All of the hottest trends for Spring 2011 seem to be incorporated into one pair of shoe, and yet, it seems to work pretty well with this ultra-cool pair of boots. The color is amazing, the mix of suede and leather is just right and all the excess in the detail department give this Pucci ankle boot a 70's feel, which was yet another highlighted trend for Spring 2011. Less is more? Not in this instance. Swoon worthy.
How Much: $1150 Us (


Who: Gucci
What: Leather Drivers
Why: I am not a big fan of the more commercial-logo-crazy side of Gucci. But when they do the understated minimal with no apparent logo, Gucci is right-on. Like this gorgeous pair of driver shoes for men. The use of different texture and material, in this instance mesh, patent leather and pebble leather, work very well together. Also, the added boat-shoe like laces and back leather tab as well as the signature Gucci web are all details that add so much to this style. Love it, want them...I started saving, no worries!
How Much: $435 Us (


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