Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ladies.Top.Spring.2011.Trends: Part.1

Winter sales are on everywhere. That means its the start of a new fashion season. Soon enough, stores will start receiving their spring deliveries and merchandise their displays with hot and new items. With the multitude of fast fashion and the globalization of today's market, it can be hard to follow and understand all that is out there. Here is where I come in. Going through all the catwalks of all the major fashion cities is something I do for the love of fashion in search of the latest trends, "it" items and must pieces...You see what I do for you guys! ;) Kidding aside, here is my list of the top trends and must items for Spring 2011 for you gals out there.


The "Key" item of the season! All the top designers out there had their own variation of this item. From high-waist to multiple pleats, all you need to know is that the wide leg trouser is here to stay and is worth investing into as this trend continues strong in all the Pre-Fall 2011 catwalks.

Note: Wide leg does not mean a big flare at the hem of the trouser only. The flare starts well above the knee, and there is no tightness anywhere, hence calling it wide leg.
Favorites: Derek Lam & Jason Wu


Yes, the white shirt, a staple of any wardrobe, is a must this season. Used in every situation, from day to night, as a dress or under a suit, the white shirt is a key item for spring. Designers have played with proportions, tweaked the collars and added details such as embroideries, sequins & tabs to it, but overall, the classic white shirt remains the right choice.
Note: Invest in a good quality shirt. It is never a good idea to see a collar start rumpling and deforming nor seeing the color of your bra or panties because the fabric quality is too thin and not expansive!
Favorites: Viktor & Rolf & Jean-Paul Gaultier


The jumpsuit is making a huge comeback. Even Haute Couture designers are making jumpsuits, pearled, embroidered and what not. Inspired by the 70's current in fashion, they are now created to cater for work as well as for party-goers. Short or long, wide or skinny, the jumpsuit is definitely a hit item.
Note: Jumpsuits do not go on every body type. In many occasion, they are to be overlooked as they do show the flaws immediately. And not because its a trend that you necessarily need to have it.
Favorites: Elie Saab & Herm├Ęs


The stripped tee trend isn't new per say, however, the overwhelming presence of it in every catwalk this season makes it a must item. Actually, the stripe-anything-item is a must. From the sailor look (yes, still going on strong) to the huge stripes, anything goes.
Note: Be careful when wearing stripes. They do have a tendency to make you look wider. Chose a one or two color combination only as they will tame it down.
Favorites: Prada, Moschino & Tommy Hilfiger


Sweaters are big for Spring 2011, especially the Dolman sleeves. You know, the semi bat-wing-usually-no-seam-loose-at-the-armhole sleeve that everyone does not know how to name? Well people, they are called Dolman sleeves. They can be too much, but worn appropriately, are great to wear.
Note: Its very important to try on this type of sweater before purchasing as you do not want to go home and stand in front of your mirror to realize the dolman sleeve ain't really working for you.
Favorites: Alexander Wang & Prabal Gurung


Again, It seems as though the military trend has been there for a few season. Normally a Fall.Winter trend because of the onslaught of outerwear, designers have applied the feeling of the military look without making it a statement-like, obvious trend. But it is overly present in details (shoulder tabs, cinched waist) and silhouettes (trenches and pea coats).
Note: Don't go over board on the military look. It should be subdued and cleverly present in the details to give your item a vibe more than a complete affirmation. Also, remember that less is more.
Favorites: Gucci, Jason Wu & Derek Lam

Part 2 of the top ladies trends for spring 2011 coming up in my next blog entry. So stay tuned.

guys, don't worry, I did not forget about you all ; my next few posts will be about the Men's top key looks for Spring 2011.


(source: style.com)

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