Monday, January 31, 2011


Award season is in full gear and the second big award show of the season is the SAG Awards. This award show is usually more relaxed than the Golden Globes or Oscars, however, this 2011 edition was a bit different. The actresses were in full glamorous zone. Some left their hair down and messy, but others had every little details pinpointed and taking care off.

Here are my favorite ladies of the night.

Why: I am sure that the opinions on this dress & look are divided, however, for me, I found it to be gorgeous. From the hair to the make-up to the dress itself, I found January Jones flawless, glamorous and very old-school Hollywood. Isn't that what we want to see from these kind of shows and actresses now these days? The lace a
nd color combination are spot-on and the mermaid silhouette simple yet chic and classic. I also love that she is always bold and unpredictable in her fashion choices. Beautiful.

Why: Yes!!! That's what I am talking about. My muse is back at it again. This look is very old-school glamour with the lace, bow and statement like necklace. Again, I am sure people will be divided on this look as well, especially with the necklace, however, I think its bold and very different and it works, which is what I always loved about Nicole Kidman in the first place. Love the color, a dark navy blue, the texture and the thick trimming. The hair is simple yet effective. Great, finally!
Note: A lot of people are on the fence because of th
e awkward pose Kidman is doing on the picture, which seems to be the only one circulating everywhere. However, on television, this dress looked regal on her.

Why: I loved the spring 2011 Georges Hobeika couture show last week in Paris and just knew that it would certainly make appearances on the red carpet anytime soon. Eva Longoria looks incredibly sexy yet feminine and not vulgar in anyway. The pleating of the gown is simply amazing and the greige color is perfect on her skin tone. Pretty pretty lady.

Why: She looked great at the Golden Globes (she was my #3 pick) and looks as good in this bold pink Oscar de la Renta dress. Its all about the color, which looks amazing on her but I also loved the velvet belt attached with a big bow in contrasting black color. The slit is just the right length and the draping is charming. I like the shoulder strap detailing, reminiscent of Nicole Kidman's amazing Jean-Paul Gaultier dress worn when she won her Oscar. Can't go wrong with that reminder/comparison!

Why: Such a pretty lady. Love the color on her. Love the simplicity of the look especially appropriate for that award show. Love the cinched waist in a lighter color. Love the soft draping from the bust down. Love her hair. Love the whole bohemian-effortless feel i get looking at her. Its definitely her year. Stunning.

***Worthy Mentions
: Natalie Portman in Azzaro because she looked like a Grecian goddess, Julianna Margulies in Yves Saint-Laurent because she's always effortlessly chic & elegant, Rosario Dawson in J.Mendel because she surprised me looking fresh and superb, Julie Bowen in Catherine Malandrino because it was unexpected, bold and new, and Haille Steinfeld in Prada because she looked youthful, age appropriate, & sweet.

***No need for worst or most disappointing of the night. Not necessary.

Here are my favorite guys of the night.

Why: The color of this Gucci suit is great; a shiny
electric blue which is different from the sea of black we saw from all the guys out there. The cut and fit is also very nice, love the tapered trousers. And finally, loved the scarf. It gave this whole look a different outlook, and was very appropriate for the Sag Awards. Very trendy, well done.

Why: Again, I liked this looked because it was casual yet classy. The monochromatic works perfectly and the open shirt makes it less formal, which is perfect for a night like the SAG awards. I also love the wide lapel on this Prada suit, a big detail in menswear. The fit was great, even if not shown here because of another awkward pose.

Why: There was a bunch of guys wearing the black suit-white shirt-black tie combo. However, no one did it better than Colfer. Its all about the fit. The proportion of the shoulder width with the rest of the blazer is wonderful. As well, the skinny lapel, low neck drop (where the first button is) & tapered trousers are all points that makes this look a fashionable one. And finally, I also like the fact that his tie is not tightened fully & his collar button is open, giving it a more casual & less stiff feel. A small detail, but great one nonetheless.

Guys have a tendency of broadening their shoulders, making them look even wider than they should. And for us guys, its always about the fit, because of the singular aspect of menswear. In all 3 of my best dressed guys, the fit of their suits were awesome.

What did you guys think, loved or hated? Please share.

See you at the next big award show!


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