Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Fashion and clothes are supposed to be fun and easy and a testament of your own self. Therefore, with this new year comes a new segment to my blog. Views.From.My.Closet will be posts about items that make me smile, think, laugh and reflect from my closet (and/or stores) that I own, want or like; clothes, shoes, accessories, etc...

They say that the clothes you wear are reflections of your own personality. If this is true, you will probably discover sooner or later, that
I have the case of multiple personalities as at times, I do not take myself too seriously fashion wise. It portrays me well as I do not have a defined look or style. For example, a goth will never be preppy and a preppy will never be Gothic. My closet, on the other hand, is a sea of many different styles and looks. Items that I love will be shown, pieces that have a meaning, an emotion or a story to them will be shared. Hope you like it.

Without further ado, drum rolls please...

The first piece from my closet is actually why I named my blog The.Shoe.Freak. Its not a particular or singular piece but more of a summary: my collection of shoes.

Take a look at the pictures below for a small glimpse of my collection:

Why: I thought it was fitting for me to show my shoe collection as my first segment since you've probably noticed by now, I love shoes. Yes, a man that loves shoes, not uncommon really these days. I know plenty of guys who buy shoes like it was peanuts. My own siblings have more shoes than me so it seems. Its a stereotype that is really non-existent in today's society as fashion for men as evolved drastically. Also, the modern-urban male is really into looking good and sharp, therefore follows and is into fashion and clothes, care products and what not.

As previously mentioned in an earlier post, I believe that shoes complete a look. If you have the wrong pair of shoes on, than it will make a good ensemble look bad, even if styled properly. Shoes are extremely important.

A lot of people buy many pair of shoes every season because they treat them poorly, abuse and use them very quickly, or have a certain walk that ruins them; my brother is all of that at once. However, I'm not. My shoes can last very long as I take care of them pretty well, have a light step and never wear them 2 or 3 days in a row. This is partly due to the amount of shoes I own, therefore I enjoy changing, matching and rotating.

Please do not ask me how many pairs I have as I have stopped counting (yes, that bad). From sneakers to boots, flip-flops to sandals, casual to proper, summer to winter, black to colorful, I probably have it all and many of each.

However, I give away many pairs every year to charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army; my way of contributing in this world I suppose.

Something as trivial as shoes make me happy, it doesn't take much! I'm a catch! ;)

Please share your own thoughts, your own stories and/or own pieces from your closet that make you smile.

'Till the next segment!


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