Friday, March 11, 2011



Last Week, I attended the
Glam.Event in Montreal. The soiree, hosted by PonyRide Distribution, was to, first and foremost, promote the new Spring.2011 Ipanema & Ipanema Gisele Bündchen collection. Fashion media & bloggers, Quebec artists, and fashion industry experts were invited to munch on canapes and drink some bubbly while chatting, discovering & most importantly shopping the many racks of clothing and footwear the PonyRide company distributes. I must admit that it was a fun and entertaining night.The staff, very cordial and welcoming, entertained the guests with a styling competition where the winner would come away with the ensemble they had put together. Also, they engaged in conversations with their guests, while promoting their many lines. There was lots of schmoozing & PR’ing involved, but done in a very charming way.

Aside from the Ipanema lines, which can be summed up to a cute and sweet line of flip-flops that many girls will want to wear in the summer, I discovered many other cool brands. PonyRide Distribution, according to their website, is a multi-faceted source for name-brands & international imports of medium-to-high-end clothing and accessory lines. Here are a few of my favorite collections that I was entertainingly exposed to by their sales rep & dedicated team.



A classic shoe line that comes in 46 different colors and sold at such prestigious shopping boot-stores at Galeries Lafayette in Paris amongst others, No
ë uses different heels (stacked, pump & cork being the most common used) without altering the body of the shoe to keep the 'classic' component of the brand. Therefore, the multitude of colors becomes an important element in the branding of the line as well as the price points, situated in the $120 range, retail wise. in Montreal, hip stores like Billie and Lola&Emily will carry the brand. Definitely worth checking out.


by Ronny Kobo

With celebs like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Paris & Nicky Hilton and a slew of other starlets wearing its creations, Torn by Ronny Kobo is furiously becoming a hot brand. Based out of NYC, it offers a wide range of curve-hugging party dresses, cool tee-shirts and tops, as well as hot blazers and jackets. Retail prices vary around the $100 to $500 scale, which is pretty affordable considering the ferocious competition and cool range of their creations. My favorite piece was the wide shoulder stripped blazer graciously modeled for me by the lovely Jessica, sales rep for PonyRide. Big thank you to her.


Thank you to PonyRide & its fun staff for an entertaining evening.


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