Friday, April 22, 2011

Bags.Of.The.Day: Colors

Colors! It seems like Colors is the major element in one's closet for this spring. From the color-blocking trend to vivid colors, and all that is in between, fashion has embraced the change from the black austerity of the last few years. And this can truly been seen in the accessories side of the business where the basic blacks and browns have been put aside (but not tossed aside and forgotten) for the wilder hues. I usually like to interpret trends more than copy something straight out of a magazine or trend book as it allows me room to interpretation and individualism. And, I usually don't like to completely lose myself in a trend as this will usually lead to looking more like your trying to hard to be trendy more than anything else. With this being said, here are my choices for the Bag.Of.The.Day, color edition:



: Bally
What: 'Rachele' leather tote
Why: This bag is in my opinion the right way of interpreting the color-block trend that is so predominant this season as the colors used are all subdued, rich, yet classic. You will never get bored of this bag as the creamy light-brown and nude colors mixed with the black are stapled colors in one's closet. I love the shape as it is the right size for any occasion. Beautiful workmanship and barely there yet ultra luxurious details make this bag a complete hit for me. To be honest, the complete Spring 2011 Bally collection is a major hit for me. Definitely my favorite this season. Totally worth checking Bally's website. (
How Much
: $1,395 Us (



: Paul Smith
: "Mini on location" printed canvas Duffle bag with leather trims
: This Duffle bag is so out there and totally out of my comfort zone, yet I find it so appealing and amazingly creative, innovative and cool. The print is so fresh, using the right colors, and the brown leather of the trims is the right color choice to complement the crazy print. Duffle bags are my favorite shapes for men. I find it so interesting that menswear industry has become so open to exploration and is not afraid to remain classic and dull. Love it!!!
How Much:
$540 Cdn (

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