Monday, April 25, 2011

Shoes.Of.The.Day: Stripes

Stripes, stripes, and more stripes, Spring 2011 will be making you see all kinds of lines everywhere. Thick or thin, multiple or singular, vivid colors or the traditional nautical theme, stripes are all the rage. In the footwear industry, designers are using the stripe theme in all kind of wonderful form to create beautiful shoes. The outcome is truly spectacular.

This segment of Shoes.Of.The.Day is all about stripes. See my favorites below.



Who: Tabitha Simmons
: Linen and silk stripped sandals

: How can you not love this pair of stripped sandals. The colors are great; nautical inspired with the navy blue,
bright read and white background. The boot-like effect of the shape is different and the heel is the right balance of slim and sexy. I especially like the detail of the piping in the same shade as the body of the sandal, adding richness to the pair. These shoes already have been seen worn by trendy style setters like Sienna Miller and more. Tabitha Simmons, a name to watch out for in the footwear industry. Swoon worthy.
How Much: $1,140 Us (



Who: Giaco Morelli
: Stripped cotton loafers

Why: Some shoes are instantaneous "I need those right now" hits for me, and this pair of Giaco Morelli striped loafers immediately struck that kind of wishful thinking in me. I love the colors, the thickness and distance of the striped pattern, the rounded toe, the summery brown sole, and i can go on and on! This pair of loafers scream summer, fresh and cool to me. Just perfect, I NEED them in my closet!!!
How Much: $430 Cnd (

Many more stripped my interest as well, more to come in future posts.

Stay tuned!



  1. I adore that top pair. They ought to be adorning a Tim Burton character.

  2. I'd kille for that first pair!