Friday, December 3, 2010


This week in the Montreal Fashion circle, we heard some really unfortunate news on one of the great Canadian designers out there. It has been reported that Andy Thê-Anh is closing shops after his financial backers decided to end their support for his line due to a big decrease in their sales figures. According to Étienne Lecompte, president of the company, sales for spring 2011 were down 46 per cent compared with last spring. And of course, the recession didn’t help with US sales dropping enormously.

This report surely does not help the already struggling Canadian and Montreal fashion industries/markets or aid in promoting it. When the biggest talents struggle, and have to shut down, the image takes a beating for sure. And, unfortunately, dark days are looming for this unlucky industry as only now the repercussions of the US economical meltdown are starting to bloom.

I'm sure, like others such as Phillipe Dubuc did before him, Andy Thê-Anh will bounce back as he is too talented. For now though, it is a hard pill to swallow.

Here are a few pictures of the Andy Thê-Anh aesthetic-sharp tailoring & glamorous red carpet gowns:


The Canadian high-end designer must liquidate his merchandise. A sale of $2.8 million worth of clothing (to be sold at 70 to 80 per cent off) begins Thursday Dec.2nd at his Andy Thê-Anh Cours Mont Royal store.

Sad news indeed.



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