Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shoes.Of.The.Day: Christian.Louboutin.Edition

Today's Shoes.Of.The.Day segment is dedicated to the new reference for shoes in today's fashion conscious society: Christian Louboutin. When the idolized and beloved Carrie Bradshaw trumps her Manolo's for the new Louboutin's, its hard to argue with his now iconic status. The french designer has created an empire with sky-high heels, fairly simple yet constructed designs, over-the-top detailing and the recognizable-from-a-mile-away now-famous red sole. Every star and starlet has worn a pair and every woman I know has lusted or wants to own a Christian Louboutin pair of shoe. Here's are few reasons why...


(Christian.Louboutin.Spring.2011: $895/$775/$$)

(Christian.Louboutin.Spring.2011: $1665/$1095/$$)

And, yes guys, the designer started catering to the men clientele. However, for now, the collection for men is pretty small, pricey, extremely out there and loud and the products are more statement-like shoes than anything else. The collection will eventually evolve into a fuller, broader collection as well. See below some examples of the collection for us guys...


(Christian.Louboutin.Spring.2011.&.Fall.2010: $1195/$625/$$)

For more information on Christian Louboutin, visit his website @



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