Friday, December 10, 2010


Today's edition of Shoes.Of.The.Day will feature the "classic" staple shoe for each sex; the pump for the ladies and the classic lace-up for the guys. A lot of people are too content on following the fashion rules and never think outside of the box. However, "Classic" does not have to be boring and one-dimensional. There are many great options out there for everyone who are looking for a fresh new twist on the classics. Here are my suggestions.


Who: Charlotte Olympia
What: Leather platform pumps with back ruffled detail.
Why: Stunning work of precised design execution with the right details, shape and perfect amount of femininity. How to make a classic pump into something beautiful. Definitely Swoon material.

How Much: $840 Us (



Who: Ted Baker
What: Leather classic brogue style shoe with high shine finish.
Why: Again, another stunning work of precised design execution with the right details and the perfect pointed toe shape (not too pointy, more rounded). The low profile heel in a different color makes this classic lace-up multi-functional as it can be worn with a suit for a more proper look or paired down with jeans for a night out. Love it!
How Much: $150 Us (



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