Sunday, December 5, 2010


Shoes.Of.The.Day is a new daily segment on The.Shoe.Freak. As my blog name clearly says it, I'm a Shoeaholic. Everyone in my circle knows this. I believe that an outfit can be Yay or Nay just by what the person decides to wear on his/her feet. Shoes are therefore very important to me. Yes, I own a lot of them, I don't deny it. However, I give a lot of them away every year, makes me feel less guilty to know I'm helping out! Hey, whatever rocks your boat I say!

I will show a picture of a pair of shoe (shoes, boots, and anything in between) for men and for ladies that I think are hot. I will also give a short description of the item, by which designer, brand or shop, the price if available and why I like them.

So here goes my first segment! Hope you enjoy it and leave comments.
Drum roll please...



: Burberry Prorsum
What: Leather ankle boots with shearling lining, multiple buckles and rubber sole.
Why: How hot are these boots? A little bit fly, a little bit ghetto, a little bit high(little??) and much attitude. These rock "n" roll boots are completely in trend with the aviation&military theme which was everywhere this season. Leave it to Burberry to out-do everyone in this category. Swoon ladies, Swoon.
How Much: $995 Us



Who: Burberry Prorsum
What: Leather boots with shearling lining.
Why: The Male version. How hot are these boots? A little bit rough, a little bit though, and a whole lot of attitude. Perfect for the winter blues, just a great pair of boot all around. I'm definitely drooling. WANT!
How Much: $795 Us

Pricey, but oh so worth it.



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