Thursday, January 7, 2010

Photographers.To.Support: Rouge.Photo--Philippe. Ahmarani.Photography

Rouge Photo--Philippe Ahmarani Photography is a Montreal-based photographer who specializes in fashion shots, weddings and major events. His vast variety of work includes fashion shoots for Miss planet beach international, Dom rebel fashion show, Fall09 and Take a bow charity fashion event @ time supperclub, Dec 08. As well, contracts for Crèmerie La Paysanne, Bal en Blanc, and a multitude of shots for trendy restaurants and hot spots in Montreal make up his résumé.

What separates his work from others is his attention to details, lighting and shading. His talent shines through as he captures the essence of each moment. And when you’re passionate about something, it usually shows in your work.

Take a look below at a sample of his diverse and intuitive work:




And below are samples of his own personal shoots. I wanted to add them to demonstrate how talent and passion for the art, which he clearly has, can provoke some sort of reaction and/or emotion, especially when capturing a moment that speaks louder than words.

(samples from his personal shots)

Visit for more of his body of work,

or contact directly: for more information.


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