Saturday, February 5, 2011

Montreal.Fashion.Week: The.Beginning

Montreal Fashion Week #20: Fall-Winter 2011

Montreal Fashion Week is back for the Fall-Winter 2011 collections starting this Monday, February 7th 2010 at Marché Bonsecours. I enjoy attending the events & catwalks during the week as it allows me to see old friends I don't have the chance to see that often because of hectic schedules. As well, it allows me to meet new friends-especially looking at you fellow fashion bloggers-and share our passion for fashion and this crazy industry. But, first and foremost, it allows me to really appreciate our local fashion scene, discover new talents and keeping in touch with the older ones.

We really do have a lot of talent in our own backyard and it is fun to see what they come up with every season. All their hard work, struggles and talent must be appreciated. As I completely understand all their efforts and struggles, myself being in their own shoes working in the design creation part of the industry, it is my duty to go support their visions and share them to you guys as well through this medium.

Hope you will follow me all throughout this week of tweets, pictures and post on all that is fashion in Montreal.

It begins on Monday...stay tuned.

For more information on Montreal's fashion week, designer bios, schedules & venues, events, & much more, go to their website at


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