Thursday, February 10, 2011

Montreal.Fashion.Week.Fall.Winter.2011: Day.3

Day 3 of my Montreal Fashion Week experience turned out to be great. I have met so many wonderful people; many of my fellow fashion bloggers, great stylists, journalists, fashionistas and so on. Whats great about mingling is to see everyone's different point of view on fashion, collections we've just witnessed and how everyone interprets themes, looks and so on. Also, it is great to get to know everyone's attraction towards fashion and their path & history that lead them to where they are now.

Again, I wasn't able to take good pictures. And I think I'll just stop trying for the final day 4 of fashion week. Hey, it is my first experience at SMM20 as a fashion blogger, learning process!!! ;) No worries though as there will be official pictures from the Montreal fashion week sources in my end of the week recap post.

I attended 4 shows today: !Nu.I, Samuel Dong, Cluc Couture and Soia&Kyo. There were some very good stuff from all the shows, however my favorite was Samuel Dong. I didn't know what to expect from him as I didn't really know his aesthetic. I was surprised at his beautiful workmanship. Lots of his pieces were very editorial and made for a catwalk show which is what we usually come to see. The hair, make-up and styling was gorgeous. The multicolored, extra tight, sequined leggings were awesome and there was some pretty great shoes. Cluc couture's presentation was refreshing. And like everyone in the audience for sure, loved his orange dress; a very dramatic moment.

Here are some of my captured pictures for you all:

(start of !Nu.I's show)

(start of Samuel Dong's show)

(finale at Samuel Dong)

(start of Cluc Couture's show)

(great background display at Cluc Couture)

(start of Soia&Kyo's show)

(cool shot at Soia&Kyo)

(catwalk shot from Soia&Kyo)

Day 4, last day of Montreal Fashion Week, should be interesting with heavyweights like Denis Gagnon, Marie Saint-Pierre & BarilĂ  showing.

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