Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Montreal.Fashion.Week.Fall.Winter.2011: Day.1

I have been wondering what to post exactly from my week at the SMM20 (Montreal Fashion Week) that is occurring in our beautiful city of Montreal this week. Should I post about the shows I am attending, give my humble opinion of them, take pictures and post them, talk about the cool and not so cool outfits I witness from the fashion sea of hipsters, stylists, fashion lovers, bloggers and other industry mavens out there? What do I really want to blog about?...And while attending my first day, it dawned on me...I will be posting about my first experience at Montreal Fashion week as a fashion blogger, and therefore part of the big 'media' family. The whole experience, not just the catwalk reviews. Note it is important to mention that I have been attending Montreal Fashion Week for many years now, from the backstage commotion as part of my designer duties, to the few shows a season I always catch, mostly to encourage some fellow designer friends. But never have I been so immersed in attending the full week, from beginning to end, watching the full schedule and being oh so present on site at Marché Bonsecours. And never have I had to think about press passes, media lingo, line-ups for your media tickets, the many many many meets & greets, schmoozing and other PR'ing going on and what not. This is all new to me and this is what I really wanted to share with you guys more than anything. Hope you enjoy my ''journey''.

So here is the resume of my experience of Day 1.

I arrive @ Marché Bonsecours to obtain my Media accreditation. Yes, never would I have thought I would say that I am part of the big 'media family' one day, but hey, its pretty cool to be included.
A shout out & big thank you to Sensation Mode's Karine Poirier for her great help and niceness. And that is when the fun started (there is a bit of irony in my statement, yes!).

They should really come up with a How to book for first-timers. This was a first hard day. My camera decided to bail on me, I wasn't sitting in the best seats for pictures, I missed an entire show (Nadya Toto) because of an incredibly long line-up to obtain your media tickets (I thought our media accreditation was enough, but apparently not, we ha
ve to wait in line for our tickets as well), I was hot and sweating with the many layers of clothes I had on, the weather does not help as we have to wear coats and boots and change and all that good stuff, the meets and greets can be exhausting and hard, especially for someone as reserved as me. But hey, all in all, it was a good first day. Day 2 is another day! :)

Here are the few pics I was able to take from the different shows I attended. I promise I will try to take pictures of actual models wearing actual clothes in the next few days...Lol

(waiting for the Rud by Rudsak show to start)

(And the Rud by Rudsak show starts)

(The only image I was able to take from the Nadya Toto show, the photographers!)

(Start of the Post-Vernissage by Thrusst show taken from my Blackberry because my camera bailed on me...yeah i know, we see nothing and its blurry.)

As for reviews of the shows, I will write an entry on my favorite looks and shows on friday, so stay tuned!


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