Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Montreal.Fashion.Week.Fall.Winter.2011: Day.2

Day 2 at Montreal Fashion Week. One word: Exhausting! All the standing up, the waiting, the schmoozing, the ticket adventures, the champagne drinking (ok well that last one doesn't sound too bad lol), it can get long and tiring. Especially if you don't eat as you are trying to catch every show. And taking pictures is another adventure in itself! Depending on where your seated or standing (yes, I was in the stands on a few occasion, but didn't really mind), pictures can be hard to take. I'm not a tall guy to begin with and when seated behind 6 feet tall guys with their most fashionable winter head gears on, taking a good shot can be hard. I gave up after the 3rd

I attended 5 shows yesterday: Anomal Couture, Annie50, DinhBà Design, Bodybag by Jude & Melissa Nepton. There were definitaly some very good pieces in there and Melissa Nepton's collection was a complete hit.

See below a few pics of my day 2:

(start of Anomal Couture show)

(loved this one shoulder Grecian inspired dress from Anomal Couture)

(start of the Annie50 show)

(catwalk shot from Annie50)

(start of the DinhBà Design show)

(catwalk shot from DinhBà Design)

(end of Melissa Nepton's be different)

(final at Melissa Nepton's favorite piece of this great collection is the cocoon coat on your left...beautifully made and the fabric was stunning)

So there you have it, I promised a few catwalk pictures in my last post! I will try for better ones today!

And the madness continues, on to Day 3!

p.s: my BodyBag by Jude images were way too dark and blurry unfortunately. That is why I haven't posted them. Check out for
complete coverage & pictures of each show.


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