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Montreal.Fashion.Week.Fall.Winter.2011: Recap

Now that Montreal fashion week is over and that I have shared with you my experience attending the shows every day, it is now time to recap the week by naming my favorite shows. I must say, to begin with, that this edition of Montreal fashion week has surprised me in many ways, mostly for good and positive reasons. I discovered many new talents, seen very good potentials and overall, think this edition was a great success on every level. There was some sort of hype surrounding the week and it surely did not disappoint. But first and foremost, the level of creativity, design and taste seen on the catwalks was better than expected. Here are my top 3 shows of the week:


Everything about this collection for me screamed fresh, classic, chic and coherent. The last word in my previous sentence is what stuck to me the most about this collection. The coherence of the show from the beginning to end proved that Nepton was in control of the whole collection. Everything that was put on each model was there for a purpose. The colors used (mostly black, champagne, light gray, off white and printed black and whites) were beautifully rich. The fur amount was just right-loved the fur clutches. The silhouettes were spot on with the feeling of the collection-looser on the top and skinny on the bottom,
with one wide leg trouser as an exception. The fabrics were ultra luxurious and refined as seen on the stunning cocoon cross over coat-my favorite piece of the night. Another one of my preferred look was the great printed dresses that flowed through the runway with a black looser jacket. The sweaters felt lavish yet very comfortable. The styling was effective and not over the top; the models hair were coiffed in a high chignon style while tucked into a backless hat and make-up was subdued. The accessories were beautiful like the long scarf with fur pompoms at each tip or the oversize fur gloves and I can go on and on! Like one of my fellow blogger told me while leaving the show, it left us with a smile on, and our mood changed from all the blend austerity we had seen so far. Simply beautiful.


My surprised discovery of the week was Samuel Dong's couture-like collection. The hair, make-up and styling were lovely, reminiscent of couture catwalks. A lot of the pieces were very editorial and catwalk friendly; models were breezing through the runway with longer back tranes on ruffled coats, stunning multi-colored patterned dresses and sequined leggings while fur accents were everywhere. My favorite look was the stunning red coat with loads of ruffles while underneath, hiding, was a very intricate black and red diamond-pieced dress and the hot multicolored sequined leggings. Also, there was the charmingly simple but oh so effective dress in a colorful pattern with a contrasting black ruffled piece at the waist and a fur stole hanging on the model's shoulders. There was much to see in every look. It can be too much for some, but for me, it showed an attention to detail and showmanship that usually lacks from our catwalks in Montreal. Fabrics and details used like taffeta (used on puffy and ballooned skirts), silk (sometimes solid, sometimes printed with wild patterns), printed nylon and multicolored sequins were resonating with what we see on international catwalks, again, repeating myself here, but very couture-like. And the top reason why I admired this collection was for the superb workmanship. Simply exquisite.


The darling of Montreal fashion was at it again showing an incredible display of talent, creativity, workmanship and showmanship. The music, the scent and the way his show was presented (a two distinct segment-like presentation) provided a censorial experience filled with drama and emotion. His collection was great, as usual, however, it wasn't my favorite of the week because his second portion of the show left me a bit wondering. His first segment was truly genius. An all black masterful play of and with volume, changing his to-the-
body-tight silhouette of previous seasons for a looser and roomier shape, while playing with fabrics and exercising controlled intricacies as delicate yet astounding as possible on every shape. My favorite look was the amazing razor sharp fur jacket paired with a detachable zippered pleated skirt in leather. His signature zippers were there but not as visible as usual, which was refreshing. The shoes, in collaboration with Aldo again, were stunning yet a lot of models seemed to have trouble walking in them. There was fur on the back of boots or on the wedges, and there was black high wedges with hints of colorful appliques. The accessories (bags, hats, jewelry and so forth) were great as well. However the second part of the show left me puzzled as Denis Gagnon ventured into crazy wild colorful clothing in hot pinks, turquoise, bright yellows and more. Although the clothes were beautifully constructed and the pieces themselves were superb, I didn't find they fitted the aesthetic of the show we were witnessing at first. The crochet-type dresses were regal and very editorial, however I felt I was watching 2 different shows all in one which left me a bit perplexed. But, all in all, Denis Gagnon proved once again that he is a master of unimaginable talent. Simply wonderful.


for her one-pieces with exaggerated shoulders and some showstopping dresses (the one shoulder Grecian inspired blue dress was stunning).
-Cluc.Couture for a refreshing presentation full of dynamic and well constructed Gothic clothes (not my style of clothing but I admire his creativity & like everyone else in the audience, marveled at the model wearing the orange dress and the emotion it brought the audience).
-BarilĂ  for sending out clothes any woman would want in her closet and for picking up on the modern take of the 70's theme which is whats on trend everywhere internationally.

So there you have it, Fall-Winter 2011 season in Montreal is done. Now time to catch up with New York fashion week and the rest of the major cities afterward to see whats going on, and compare Montreal to them.

What shows did you like or dislike from the 20th edition of Montreal fashion week? Leave your thoughts or comments on your favorites shows of the week.


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