Monday, September 5, 2011


Montreal Fashion Week #21: Spring.Summer.2011

Here we go again, the fashion jungle is meeting up for a jammed 4 days to present the new ideas, trends & design for the Spring.Summer.2012 season. Felt like it was just yesterday that I covered the 20th edition of Montreal Fashion Week. How time flies!

I will not be attending all the shows this season as I have selected a few that I particularly wanted to see. Others, which I also wanted to see but wont be able to attend due to scheduling conflict, will be followed closely through tweets, pictures, articles and blog entries from the full-on coverage Montreal Fashion Week gets locally from our great fashion bloggers, media's and so forth.

Looking forward to seeing the great fashion on the catwalk as well as from the many attendees. As you know, the fashion crowds prepare their outfits (yes, because there are many different one involved) weeks in advance! Fashionista's and Fashionisto's can go wild with their outfits and will probably be praised for it. It's all in good fun & is part of the whole experience.

Hope you will follow me all throughout this week of tweets, pictures and post on all that is fashion in Montreal. This season, I will be collaborating with photographer Rouge-Photo as he will be joining me throughout the week in sharing the vibe and pulse of Montreal Fashion Week by taking pictures of everything interesting and noteworthy to me. I have previously spoken about his work in my blog. Check it out here.

It begins on Tuesday...stay tuned.


For more information on Montreal's fashion week, designer bios, schedules & venues, events, & much more, go to their website at

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