Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Montreal.Fashion.Week.Spring.Summer.2012: Day.1

The fashion world gathered at Marché Bonsecours yesterday night for the first day of Montreal Fashion Week (MFW) showcasing the Spring.Summer.2012 collections of our talented pool of designers. Fashionistas, hipsters, fellow fashion bloggers and media mavens were dressed to impress, with outfits prepared weeks in advance.

I enjoy the people watching a lot at MFW as it is always inspiring to see outfits put together and personal styles showcased to the smallest of details. Montreal's got style, that is for sure.

Last MFW, I blogged about the whole experience of attending a full scheduled fashion week and mostly shared my impressions of the whole experience. However, now that I am not a rookie anymore, when it comes to attending fashion weeks as a fashion blogger, the thrill of the whole experience has subsided. Therefore, I will mostly talk about the shows I went to see, which is the purpose of attending a fashion week in the first place; to talk about the fashion witnessed!

I attended 3 shows: Travis Taddeo, Melissa Nepton and Dimitri Chris.

-Travis Taddeo


The party was set & the party gals and guys were ready to rock out with their acid washed jeans & shorts, feathered or sheered tops &dresses, and sparkly platforms. There was experimentation with dimension (ample and loose versus tight and body conscious) as well as dresses with cutouts at the side panels or the back. Stripes were also big for Taddeo's Spring offerings. All in all, it was a fun party-like collection which will sure interest the club kids and hipsters. Big props for casting the gorgeous Azamit!

-Melissa Nepton


I was really looking forward to this collection as you might remember, Nepton's show was my favorite of Fall.2011 Montreal fashion week. I was waiting to see what she would deliver as a second act and delivered, she did again. The constant feeling I get watching a Melissa Nepton show is the coherence of the collection. Although some styling details for Spring.2012 were a bit confusing & made me wonder why they were included in the first place (holed knee socks?), the show itself was a delightful play of volume and juxtaposition of fabrics. Inspired by the wind, Nepton's collection was a showcase of movement and flow. Centered around a neutral palette of beige and blacks with pop of colours like coral and whites, with a very soothing mix of fabrics including lace, see-through sheer and linens that moved with the bodies of the models. Very strong showing again by a talented Nepton.

Dimitri Chris


Dimitri Chris took us on a ride with his Cruise inspired collection. Shocker, the first model to walk out was wearing a short white bustier shirt-dress...Yes, Dimitri Chris is entering the womenswear world as he showcased 6 or 7 looks that ladies would surely love to wear (high-wasted cropped pants with a basic tee that was very cruise indeed, or jumpers featuring a nautical print, which was used in menswear as well). But ultimately, Chris is known for his sharp men tailoring and he did not disappoint his already sold crowd with lots of shorts, tees, tanks and of course, nice suits and tailoring that were very inspired by a nautical trip or cruise around the fashion sea!

Good start to the week...

Stay tuned for Day 2.


(photos courtesy of Rouge-Photo)

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