Monday, September 26, 2011

Montreal.Fashion.Week.Spring.Summer.2012: Review

Montreal Fashion Week's Spring.2012 edition is over and it is time for an overall review and appreciation of what I witnessed throughout the week.


One thing is obvious; Montreal designers are loaded with talent, creativity and design skills. The newcomers to the week were all exciting to watch & the established designers continue to polish their brands, and/or explore new territories within their creative signature.


However, it is essential for our Montreal designers to understand the importance of editing a show by not showcasing every design they have created for a specific season. It dilutes the message. If Prada or Lanvin do not need 50+ looks to convey a message, especially for an always shorter spring/summer season, Montreal designers don't require that much either. We do not need to see the same dress, pants or jacket in every color and every fabric of the season, even if it is the hottest piece of the collection! So please edit, edit and edit some more where ever necessary!

Special thanks to Sensation Mode for a great week, my fellow fashion bloggers for a fun-filled week of catching up and
constantly talking fashion, and the #RBBMM (Regroupement des Blogueurs et Blogueuses Mode de Montréal) for setting up debates, discussions and dialogues for the advancement of our fashion blogging community as well as the fashion industry in general.

This completes my coverage of Montreal Fashion Week edition 21 Spring.2012. A whole new cycle starts for Fall.2012 which will be the next edition of Montreal Fashion Week.


(photos courtesy of Rouge-Photo)

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