Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Montreal.Fashion.Week.Spring.Summer.2012: Day.2

Day 2 of Montreal Fashion Week (MFW) was a pretty slow day for me. On the agenda for myself, one show only, the collective Label Europe show directed and styled by talented Montreal stylist Mélanie Brisson. The show, an ensemble of European designers, showcased the talents of creators abroad.

Designers included Katharina Kruppe, Rhum Raisins by Victoire Vermeulen, Les Chat Perchés, Finnegan-Bell and my personal favorite from the group, 85-86.
Besides the traditional ladies and menswear, jewelery (Eugene Bijoux) and handbags CeliaCzerlinski) were also presented with a very effective and well directed vision from Mélanie Brisson.

(pictures courtesy: Jimmy Hamelin)

My favorite piece of the night was 85/86's gorgeous tan coat with leather pieces used at the back flap and pockets. The structured of the coat and the colour, a very rich tan with a tonal caramel, was perfectly cut. (sorry, no pictures available)

For more information on Mélanie Brisson's bright & impressive array of work, click here.

Stay tuned for more instant MFW21 news & updates as Day 3 was my busiest day of the week as I attended 4 shows! (Duy, Samuel Dong, a collective including Simon Chang, and Second Clothing)


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