Monday, August 22, 2011


The perks of working in the fashion industry is without a doubt the traveling one must do around the world. As a designer, it is important to stay inspired and focused. Traveling allows all of that as it provides great discoveries, as well as enriches the mind with different ways of life, cultures and so forth. This, therefore, keeps the creative side flowing and nurtured.

This week, I will be traveling for work, again. My destination: Europe & more precisely, London and Paris. This trip will definitely help in my creative process for my work. But also, it will give me many things to blog about when I get be back. I am quite sure I will back with tons of new ideas and inspired to the fullest.

Until then, I leave you guys with some pictures of what is synonymous of fashion for both London and Paris.


(Luxury.Department.Stores: Selfridges.&.Harrods)

(Designers: Burberry.&.Stella.McCartney)


(Luxury.Department.Stores: Galeries.Lafayette.&.Au.Printemps)

(Designers: Christian.Dior.&.Chanel)

P.S: Excuse me for the lack of post while I am away. No worries though, I will be back with plenty to share with you all.


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  1. Having a career that includes traveling around the world is something that I would like to have someday. Seeing all those places and cultures is always a great experience.