Friday, November 4, 2011


My previous post, about footwear, was for the ladies. Now comes the turn for you gentlemen. Hudson, a London footwear company primarily focused on menswear produces gorgeous footwear for us fashion lovers. Focused on high quality & designed footwear with an affordable price tag. The company, after establishing their Hudson label, created H by Hudson, the rebellious little brother brand which enabled the company to reach a broader scope of customer while keeping the successful DNA of the company intact. The design elements & creative concept as well as the first-rate workmanship & overall quality offered by H by Hudson are simply amazing. 

I just love the brand so much as I've featured a few pairs already on The.Shoe.Freak, and below are reasons why (from their Fall.2011 collection):

Montreal is slowly (but surely) catching up to the H by Hudson commotion. You can find them at great Montreal-based online retailer SSENSE.

And finally ladies, the company has created a smaller range of the H by Hudson collection due to high demand and requests from customers.Check it out here.


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