Monday, November 7, 2011


Looks.Of.The.Day is a new segment I have started on my Facebook page exclusively which showcases one head-to-toe look each for both sexes. The criteria is pretty simple and is similar to my regular Shoes.Of.The.Day and Bags.Of.The.Day segments; total looks that I like and would wear (when it comes to men clothing of course). Total looks meaning the end result and the way the look is styled and put together; from hair to make-up, accessories to shoes and obviously, the clothes. Sometimes both the men and ladies look will be coordinated and defined by colors, trends, or details and sometimes they will be completely differentiated.

Below are examples of Looks.Of.The.Day as seen on The.Shoe.Freak's FB page:

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What are your favorite Looks.Of.The.Day?


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