Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shoes.Of.The.Day: Buckles

This installment of my Shoes.Of.The.Day segment is based on the countless hours of research I do every season in the name of fashion. While looking through all the pictures of shoes I had saved on my laptop, I realized most of them had buckles adorned to them, either multiple ones or just the simple lonely one on a pair of boot. No matter what, this realization made me push further into the research stage. And this led me to conclude that buckles were in fact a big 'detail' trend for Fall.2011, especially in the footwear industry.

Buckles can be viewed as trivial and overlooked by consumers but in fact, they are detail-oriented pieces that add significant purpose and value to a design. This being said, there are many different varieties of buckles, in different shapes and forms, with different qualities. Of course, this adds, determines and justifies price tags of an item. Designers use them wisely as variables in their creations. 

Below are my Shoes.Of.The.Day with buckles as a prominent detail. They are both from Alexander McQueen, which I have to admit, is my designer of the moment.



Who: Alexander McQueen 
What: Buckled suede boot
Why: How gorgeous are these boots ladies? The color, a rich Cobalt Blue, which is a strong Fall.2011 color by the way, is beautiful. The detailing, so McQueen, is interesting with the turned-over flap and appealing forms of the panels. The blocked heel is perfectly proportioned to the rest of the design elements. And finally, the fastening tabs with the gold buckles add the final touch. Swoon Ladies, Swoon!
How Much: $1,225 Us (



Who: Alexander McQueen 
What: Leather triple buckle boot
Why: Everything about this boot is amazing. Love the triple buckled flap. Love the gold metal tips at the round cap toe and heel. Love the thick stitching. Love the leather sole. Love the right height of the ankle boot. All these fine design and detail elements that are subtle yet oh so cool and modern. I love love love and want them so bad!!!
How Much: $955 Us (

And finally, since there was way too many options out there, I have assembled some of my favorites in the below video. Enjoy!

Which ones are your favorites?



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