Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bags.Of.The.Day: Schoolboy

Remember the time when everything that was a mere reminder of school left you cringing in agony? Well oh how times have change! In today's fashion world, there is no bigger trend than the Schoolboy bag for both guys and girls out there. Influenced by the whole Vintage movement, the Schoolboy has made a comeback. Every shop, boutique and designer carry their own variations and all the top designer (Mulberry leading the way) are being copied or used as influences. Its hip to carry a schoolboy these days and the "looks-like-i'm-going-to-school-but-i'm-really-not" look is all the rage. Heck, designers like Mulberry have had a rebirth of some sort because of that one particular bag (and its many many many different variations since than). Lets check out my favorites of the schoolboys' out there.



: Mulberry
What: 'Alexa' leather satchel
Why: This bag is in my opinion the one that started the whole schoolboy craze and onslaught. A regular squared satchel shape with minimal but perfect detailing; Mulberry hardware and logo in a cool antique brass color, braided detail on the handle and double flaps and tabs. Also, the leather used is luxurious. How many copies of this bag have you seen since? and how about the lock? An 'It' bag for sure!
How Much: $1,200 Us (

***Check out below the rest of the ladies Schoolboy bags worthy of mention:

(Miu.Miu, Proenza.Schouler.'PS1', Cambridge.Satchel.Company, Rebecca.Minkoff)

(DKNY, Zara, Asos, Waikoloa)



: Zara
What: Leather briefcase
Why: Gorgeous briefcase in a buttery caramel leather. The details are clean and simple, no overdose, simplicity here is the name of the game. The construction is rigid, very masculine. The hardware used is polished with one center tab and 2 side ones with pockets for functionality. Zara is great at detecting and right away producing hot items of the moments and definitely this Zara briefcase is a hot item. Great Bag.
How Much: $179 Cdn

***Check out below the rest of the Men Schoolboy bags worthy of mention:

(Cambridge.Satchel.Company, Marc.By.Marc.Jacobs, Polo.Ralph.Lauren, Asos, Matt.&.Nat)

Do you fancy the Schoolboy look? Leave your comments/feedback.


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