Monday, May 23, 2011

Fashion.Events.Montreal: Simon.Chang.Store.Opening

Last Month, I was invited to attend the opening of the Simon Chang store in posh Centre Rockland in Montreal. I decided to bring my mom as a guest as I know she was a big fan of the Canadian designer, and has bought many of his clothes throughout the years. A cocktail-and-finger food event was held inviting media and faithful customers to discover the new ins and outs of the boutique and collection. Mr.Chang was there himself to greet and mingle with everyone. I discovered a very pleasant and charming man who literally spoke to everyone and was happy doing so.


The space itself is pretty and has a feeling of luxury, which goes well with the 'image' of its location. Nice chandeliers hanging from the ceiling as well as cages, tables, picture frames and what not add to the chicness of the space. The clothes are well displayed and it is very easy to see everything as it is not clustered by any means.

As for the collection itself, it caters to the Simon Chang clientele very well. There was nice evening gowns, mixed with nice summer suits and stylish daywear. The brand has also expanded into the accessories field with lots of nice head bands, bags, necklaces, jeweleries, belts and so forth that will make the younger customer walk-in and take a look.

However, the prime customer of the Simon Chang brand will always remain the 35-60 years old fashionable and fashion savvy lady. They will find what they are looking for, that is for sure.

As for my mom, she ended up having a great time trying on lots of clothes she liked, even getting help by Mr.Chang himself in the process. She walked away with a gorgeous black fitted dress to the knee with a big rounded collar and a smile.


Nice evening indeed.

Go check out the Simon Chang boutique in Centre Rockland, on the first floor. Or visit his website at


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