Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TV.Fashion.To.Watch: Mad Men

Mad men is not only a well written and acted show, but also a great reference for fashion of the late 50’s and early 60’s. The costumes and clothes, for each character are simply great. The ladies look incredibly put together and the men are sharp in their tailored suits and skinny ties. And it all seems effortless and modern. As riding boots, bows, plaids, furs and lady-like couture dominate today’s runways, its fun to see how references to earlier years are overwhelming. Many of Mad men’s costumes can be worn in today’s world, and would look straight out of a magazine. And the Men are not too shabby either with their well constructed suits, bow ties, cigarette pants, vests and cardigans.

Ladies and men should look like this, therefore, people, watch Mad men and take notes!
See below for a few shots of the cool ladies and men fashion:

or check out an interesting article below on the relationship between Mad Men and today's fashion trends:



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