Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Listen guys, I know you'd rather wear your good old levis and worn down sneakers but let’s be real, sometimes we need a little assistance here and there, once in a while, in the dressing up department. And it’s all about ESSENTIALS! You don't need to do too much (or in a lot of cases, too little) to look good without feeling lost or out of place. Here are 5 essentials every man should have in his closet this Fall/Winter (basics that should last you more than just one year, but are completely in trend this season).

No need for fancy here. Just a regular button down white crisp shirt is a MUST in any man's wardrobe. The white shirt is like the little black dress for the ladies, a classic essential!


Another MUST, a well tailored pea coat (or its double breasted counterpart) never goes out of style and can be worn for any occasion. Choose a neutral color like the blues or the grey's if you already have a black coat.


Those baggy, rapperish-1990's jeans that are faded and completely ill-fitted must be thrown out! It’s time to invest in a nicely fitted pair of jeans, preferably a dark-hued one to be worn for any occasion and try to stay clear from worn out, faded or torn up jeans. Sure they are trendy and cool-looking, but you can't own a car if you don't have money for gas! Think basic first.


Invest in a knitted sweater or cardigan. Sure it can make you look older, wiser, and give you more credibility...whats wrong with that? And don't forget, quality is much better than quantity, therefore invest in good quality fabrics such a cashmere, and merinos and virgin wools. Sure, it is more pricey, but they will last you more than just one season; think investment pieces.


Essential! Sneakers are fine, but boots are better as they are more versatile...think combat-military meets chic-dressy for a night out, a casual encounter or shovelling snow in -15 degrees outside.

(jeffrey campbell-$295/schmoove-$280/diesel-$300)

Now men, go shopping!



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  1. I love winter so much and I love fashion. Today, fitted suits for men catches my fancy.